PNSO Paul the Allosaurus Video Showcase

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Everything Dinosaur team members have created a short, forty second video that highlights the PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model. This replica of the Late Jurassic theropod Allosaurus has proved to be extremely popular amongst model collectors and dinosaur fans. Everything Dinosaur has set about creating short YouTube videos that are between thirty to sixty seconds in length that feature some of the prehistoric animal models that the UK-based company stocks.

The PNSO Paul the Allosaurus figure has been a top seller since it was introduced last year, so it was an obvious candidate for the company’s video showcase project.

Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model from PNSO is featured in an Everything Dinosaur video showcase.

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus

Introduced in 2021, part of a substantial an enlargement of the PNSO not-to-scale mid-size model range, Paul the Allosaurus is also a firm favourite amongst Everything Dinosaur team members. The video showcase shows the figure on a turntable and demonstrates the articulated jaw. The packaging is shown and a team member holds the model so the size of the figure can be easily assessed. The model measurements (approximately 25 cm in length and around 9 cm in height), are also stated in the brief video.

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus
PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model in lateral view. This popular PNSO Late Jurassic theropod figure features in an Everything Dinosaur video showcase.

Creating Videos to Help Customers

These short videos are designed to provide a “flavour” of the figure. The Everything Dinosaur website (and this blog), puts up lots of images of prehistoric animal models, but customers have requested videos and team members are busy compiling a library of short videos to provide customers with more information and to help them to make informed purchase decisions,

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model
The new for 2021 PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated lower jaw, just like the majority of the theropod figures that PNSO have produced in the larger size model series. The recently created Everything Dinosaur Paul the Allosaurus highlights the articulated jaw on this dinosaur model.

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