The Dino Dana feathered T. rex dinosaur model is in stock at Everything Dinosaur. This Safari Ltd model is from the hit Amazon TV show that features a nine-year-old girl that imagines prehistoric animals coming to life and interacting with her in the modern world.

Dino Dana Feathered T. rex
Dino Dana feathered Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model. This figure has the three scars on its snout just like the Wild Safari Prehistoric World feathered T. rex figure. The models are actually the same, but the Dino Dana model has a different colour scheme.

Feathered T. rex Dinosaur Model (New Colour Scheme)

Safari Ltd produced a Tyrannosaurus rex model as part of a merchandising deal with the Amazon television show Dino Dana. It certainly has a striking colour scheme. It is a new colour variant of a feathered T. rex model first added to the Wild Safari Prehistoric range back in 2017.

Comparing two feathered T. rex dinosaur models.
The two Safari Ltd Tyrannosaurus rex models compared. The 2017 feathered T. rex release (top) and the Dino Dana colour variant (below).

Inspired by a Television Show

Dino Dana was created by Sinking Ship Entertainment, a Canadian production company and the first series aired in 2017, ironically the same year the Safari Ltd introduced its feathered T. rex figure (see above). A total of fifty-two episodes were created spanning four series. A feature-length film had been planned for a theatrical release in North America, but the COVID-19 curtailed these plans and the film version was made available via Prime Video. The series combines live action sequences with CGI animation and the prehistoric animals featured are extremely colourful with purple sauropods, pink hadrosaurs and blue stegosaurs.

Dino Dana Feathered T. rex dinosaur model.
The Dino Dana T. rex dinosaur model shown in posterior view. In this view the bright colours and substantial stripes that run along the flank of the model down to the tail can be clearly seen.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that they were pleased to be able to bring this item into Europe, as this version of a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex had been requested by a lot of dinosaur fans and model collectors.

The figure includes a hang tag with a QR (quick response) code that can be scanned to enable collectors with the movie app on their phone to interact with the feathered dinosaur.

Dino Dana Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model
Dino Dana Feathered T. rex dinosaur model shown in anterior view. The model measures around 32 cm in length and the figure stands around 14.5 cm high.

To view this new Safari Ltd feathered T. rex and the rest of the prehistoric animal models in this range: Safari Ltd Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

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