Those talented model makers at PNSO are to add a Helicoprion model to their mid-sized range of prehistoric animal figures. Later this year, the PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur. Team members at Everything Dinosaur are delighted to announce the addition of a replica of a shark-like marine predator from the Permian.

This figure is likely to be available later in the summer (2021).

PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion
PNSO have added a replica of the Permian marine predator Helicoprion to their mid-size model range.

Haylee the Helicoprion

This PNSO prehistoric fish is number 43 in their mid-size model range and what a spectacular figure it is. Almost all we know about this large, marine predator are from the remarkable fossilised “tooth whorls”. These fish are members of the Eugeneodontida, an Order of cartilaginous fish, a poorly known group of extinct fish that are very distantly related to the Chimaeriformes, which themselves evolved around 400 million years ago, but these days are largely confined to deep water.

The actual body shape of Helicoprion is not known. PNSO have chosen to give their model the appearance of a sleek, fast swimming predator with a body shape and fin proportions similar to that seen in extant Porbeagle sharks (Lamna genus).

PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion model measurements
The model measures 21 cm in length and from the base of the tail fluke to the top of the dorsal fin of the Helicoprion is 7.5 cm.

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Measuring 21 cm in Length

The prehistoric fish model measures approximately 21 cm in length. PNSO do not provide a scale for their mid-size figures and Everything Dinosaur team members are a little stumped themselves as to what scale to suggest. With only the tooth whorls to study, the body shape and the size of these extinct hunters can only be inferred. As the largest tooth whorls known to science are around 40 cm in diameter, the body length of Helicoprion has been estimated to have been anywhere between 5 to 8 metres in length. The fact sheet that we will supply with sales of this figure will provide more information.

PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion anterior view
PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion replica. The stunning emerald eye on the model is reminiscent of the eye of a Chimaera such as the deep water Rabbit Fish (Chimaera monstrosa) to which Helicoprion is distantly related.

An Articulated Jaw and Stunning Green Eyes

That famous tooth whorl has been skilfully recreated in the PNSO Helicoprion figure and it is articulated. The stunning green eyes are similar to those of the deep sea Rabbit Fish (Chimaera monstrosa) to which Helicoprion was very distantly related.

PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion model
A close-up view of the articulated jaw of the PNSO Helicoprion model. The design team at PNSO have given their prehistoric fish model an articulated jaw.
PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion product packaging
The PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion product packaging.

Haylee the Helicoprion and Patton the Megalodon

The PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion joins the Megalodon model in the PNSO mid-size model range. The Megalodon model was introduced back in 2019, if these images are anything to go by the Helicoprion figure has been worth the wait.

PNSO Haylee the Helicoprion and PNSO Patton the Megalodon
Haylee the Helicoprion and Patton the Megalodon – models from PNSO. Helicoprion was only very distantly related to Lamniformes such as C. megalodon.

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