Our thanks to Warhammer enthusiast Jeffery who sent into Everything Dinosaur some pictures of his customised dinosaur models that he had created so that they could participate in Warhammer miniature wargames.

A Papo Dinosaur Model Army Designed for Warhammer
Papo dinosaur models have been used to create a dinosaur army for use in Warhammer miniature wargames.

Papo Dinosaur Models

Jeffery has used a range of Papo dinosaur models to create his stunning dinosaur army. There is the Papo Allosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Ankylosaurus and the massive Brachiosaurus in the ranks.

Customised Papo Allosaurus for Warhammer
The Papo Allosaurus dinosaur model has been customised for Warhammer battles. Whilst Papo models stand perfectly well on their own, bases have been added so that these figures can be used on a variety of surfaces and battle landscapes.

The models have been repainted and given bases and they look a very formidable fighting force. The level of detail is astonishing.

Papo dinosaurs customised for Warhammer
Papo dinosaur models ready for battle! Customised Papo prehistoric animals prepared for a Warhammer game.


Warhammer is a tabletop, miniature wargame featuring an array of amazing creatures doing battle with each other. Players take turns to move their model warriors around a battle landscape, the warriors being a mixture of aliens, monsters, humans and fantasy figures including customised dinosaur models. Battles are won or lost depending on the roll of a dice. Warhammer is believed to be the most popular miniature wargame played in the world. Jeffery has used several Papo models to help create this amazing formation of fighting dinosaurs.

Papo Dinosaur Army on the March
An epic Warhammer dinosaur army inspired by Papo dinosaur models. The head of the Papo Allosaurus figure has been skilfully painted a bright crimson colour to give this meat-eating dinosaur an even more frightening appearance.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is always a pleasure seeing how our customers use their prehistoric animal model purchases. We know that many of the models that we supply are used in various wargames and it was very kind of Jeffery to send into us his pictures of the dinosaur army he had created that was inspired by Papo models.”

The extensive range of Papo prehistoric animal models and figures can be viewed at Everything Dinosaur here: Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.

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