Today, the clocks have gone forward in the UK, this means that this is the official start of British Summer Time (BST). Whilst it might be pouring with rain outside and chilly, better weather and better times are hopefully on the way.

Tomorrow, some of the lockdown restrictions in England are being lifted. Restrictions have been lifted elsewhere within the UK, as the country begins to move cautiously out of the COVID-19 lockdown. We have noticed a small change in our customer’s buying habits over the last week. The Mojo Fun Dinosaur Backpack and Playscape has been selling really well.

Mojo Fun Dinosaur Backpack with Playscape.
The Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack with playscape features two Mojo Fun dinosaurs on the decorative front panel, a T. rex (left) and an Allosaurus (right). Team members at Everything Dinosaur have noticed an upturn in sales of this backpack figure, we suspect that with the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted (in a small way), so more people are travelling and visiting friends and family.

A Sturdy Backpack with Dinosaurs Too!

This sturdy backpack which folds out to reveal a stunning prehistoric playscape is supplied with two dinosaur models. It can be used for carrying bits and bobs and yet, when unzipped the backpack transforms into a prehistoric play scape.

The Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack is supplied with two model dinosaurs.
The dinosaur backpack opens up to provide a playscape for dinosaur models. Two dinosaurs are included with the backpack along with a Mojo Fun collector’s catalogue.

An Ideal Travel Companion

The bright and colourful front panel features two Mojo dinosaur models, the Mojo Fun Allosaurus and a fearsome Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex. The panel itself is embossed and raised slightly providing a stylish three-dimensional effect.

Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack - embossed dinosaur print.
The Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack with playscape has a raised and embossed dinosaur -themed design on the front panel.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We do understand how desperate families have been to get out for the day and to visit relatives. The increase in sales of the Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack and playscape has coincided with an easing of restrictions that had been imposed due to COVID-19. Perhaps this is merely a coincidence, but we like to think that for young dinosaur fans they will soon be going on some more dinosaur adventures.”

Whilst stressing the need to stay safe and to obey those restrictions that remain, the spokesperson added that team members at Everything Dinosaur were happy at the thought that this backpack would be used by lots of young people on their travels this year.

Robust but conforrable straps on the backpack.
Study straps on the Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack and playscape. This is an ideal backpack for young dinosaur fans to take with them on their travel adventures. It can also be wiped over with a damp cloth with anti-viral treatment to help keep children safe and well.

To view the Mojo Fun Dinosaur backpack and playscape and the rest of the figures currently available from Everything Dinosaur (more model stock due in soon): Mojo Fun Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.