Fans of the Papo prehistoric animal model range “Les Dinosaures”, will know that in 2021 there will be just two new figures added to this range. Like many model manufacturers the production plans of our chums at Papo have been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Papo are always keen to hear from model collectors, they know how enthusiastic and passionate you are about Papo, so Everything Dinosaur has created a short, ten minute video that explores how Papo could expand its prehistoric animal model range. Once we have discussed our suggestions, it’s over to you! Your chance to comment on the type of figures you want to see added to the Papo range!

Suggestions for Papo Figures

Everything Dinosaur has a close working relationship with Papo, in our short YouTube video (the video is 10 minutes long), we reveal what product options we have suggested to the French manufacturer. For example, we suggested that Papo might want to reintroduce a long retired figure such as the iconic green, standing T. rex replica.

Could Papo reintroduce their classic green, standing T. rex
Could Papo reintroduce a classic model such as the original green, standing T. rex figure (product code 55001)?

A Pteranodon Colour Variant?

In addition, Everything Dinosaur has proposed that Papo could introduce a colour variant of an existing figure such as the Papo Pteranodon or the Papo Triceratops. We note that a number of Papo fans have suggested other colour variants such as a new version of the huge Papo Brachiosaurus figure.

Could Papo introduce a Pteranodon colour variant?
Perhaps Papo could add a colour variant of the Papo Pteranodon figure. The new colour variant could be the male whilst the original figure could be the female.

A Juvenile Giganotosaurus?

One further suggestion Everything Dinosaur has made is to introduce a juvenile Giganotosaurus dinosaur model as a companion piece to the 2020 Papo Giganotosaurus figure.

The 2020 Giganotosaurus model attracted a lot of attention due to its posture, a smaller, juvenile figure could have a more scientifically accurate pose.

Everything Dinosaur suggests that Papo should introduce a juvenile Giganotosaurus model
Should Papo introduce a juvenile Giganotosaurus to accompany the adult model that was introduced in 2020?

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Papo are aware how passionate fans of their figures are when it comes to new replicas. The number of new models that can be introduced in 2021 has been limited due to the consequences of COVID-19. Our new YouTube video gives dinosaur model fans the opportunity to learn more about the Papo range and to propose novel ways in which this range can be expanded.”

New Papo prehistoric animal models for 2021.
Two new models to be introduced by Papo in 2021 the young Smilodon (55081) and a Megalodon shark model (55087).

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