Praising the Pegasus Spinosaurus Model Kit

At Everything Dinosaur, we get sent lots of pictures from model collectors and dinosaur fans of prehistoric animal landscapes, completed kits and dinosaur themed dioramas.  We always enjoy seeing how the items that we supply are used and we are amazed at how talented some of our customers can be when it comes to customising models and replicas.  Take for example, the Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit pictures sent into to us by model collector Martin.  We have been lucky enough to receive lots of photographs of finished kits, Martin’s beautifully crafted model took many hours to complete, but we think you will agree that the end result is stunning.

That’s a fantastic Spinosaurus replica Martin!

The Pegasus Spinosaurus Model Kit

The finished Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit.

The completed Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit.

Picture Credit: Martin

Pegasus Dinosaur Model Kits

There are three figures in the Pegasus Hobbies dinosaur model series, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus.  All the kits comprise of PVC vinyl pieces, in the case of the Spinosaurus kit, there are eleven pieces that make up the Spinosaurus and a further six pieces that make up the unfortunate fish victim, plus a detailed display base.  Model collectors please note, paints and glue are not included in the kits.

The Assembled Kit Ready for Painting

Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit ready for painting.

Pegasus Spinosaurus model assembled ready to paint.

Picture Credit: Martin

When assembled the kit is ready for painting.  The Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus), has a stated scale – 1:24 and when it comes to painting and the use of washes, the model maker is free to choose any combination of colours they like, after all, no person has ever seen a living spinosaurid.

Highly Detailed Pegasus Model Kit (Spinosaurus)

Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit (front view).

The anterior portion of the Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit showing the partly painted Xiphactinus.

Picture Credit: Martin

The picture above, shows the anterior portion of the model, the skin of the Spinosaurus is finely detailed, even the morphology of the fingers and claws reflect what is known about spinosaurids and Theropods in general.  From this angle, the well-sculpted and detailed interior of the mouth can also be viewed.  Note, the subtle differences in the shape and size of the teeth in the lower jaw.

Catching a Xiphactinus

In Martin’s finished model, the fish that has been caught by the dinosaur has been beautifully painted too.  The delicate and astute brush work demonstrates the care and attention given to the painting, the pool of blood coalescing by the carcase provides a nice, gory touch.  Ironically, although Spinosaurus is often depicted as a piscivore, it would never have caught the fish represented in the Pegasus Hobbies model kit.  The fish is a Xiphactinus (pronounced Zee-fak-tin-us), a bony fish (Teleost) and although, the Teleosts have an extensive fossil record and evolved long before Spinosaurus, Xiphactinus is confined to the Late Cretaceous of North America.  With some Xiphactinus fossil specimens indicating a length of six metres or more, this fish would have made a sizeable meal for a hungry Spinosaurus.

The Finished Fish Victim Xiphactinus

Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit Xiphactinus.

Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit Xiphactinus fish accessory.

Picture Credit: Martin

A Close-up View of the Skilfully Painted Head of the Pegasus Spinosaurus Model

Pegasus Spinosaurus model.

A close-up view of the head of the Pegasus Spinosaurus model.

Picture Credit: Martin

Our thanks once again to Martin for sending in photographs of his splendid Spinosaurus.

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