A Spotlight on the PNSO Nemicolopterus Model

Many of the people that Everything Dinosaur team members follow on social media are fossil hunters.  We have noticed that today, Thursday, seems to feature a lot of our fossil hunting friends showcasing their finds using the meme “fossil flip Thursday”, some of our fossils are a little too delicate to flip, but we thought we could give it a try and highlight the excellent packaging of the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs small models.

We made a short video – pterosaur toss – featuring the new for 2019 PNSO Nemicolopterus figure.

Pterosaur Thursday – Nemicolopterus crypticus

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this very brief video, (it lasts just over thirty seconds), we show the wonderful new PNSO product packaging.  Each of the new for 2019 PNSO figures has been presented in a blister pack which contains a backdrop reflecting the habitat of that animal.  For example, “Ricky” the Keichousaurus, a model of a Triassic marine reptile, has a seascape backdrop, whilst the pterosaur model Nemicolopterus has a forest background.  After all, this little flying reptile lived in an arboreal environment.

The PNSO Nemicolopterus Blister Pack

PNSO Nemicolopterus model.
The packaging associated with the PNSO Nemicolopterus model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We even took advantage of the warm weather to photograph this little pterosaur against some foliage – our very own forest backdrop.

How Big was Nemicolopterus?

Known from only one specimen, this may not be a valid genus (nomen dubium), the fossil could represent a very young Sinopterus, a tapejarid that was scientifically described in 2003.  The skull for example, is around 4 cm in length, it is one of the smallest pterosaur fossils known to science.  Intriguingly, the PNSO Nemicolopterus replica is not much smaller than the fossil specimen.  This little flying reptile, whether a Nemicolopterus or a Sinopterus could have comfortably sat in the palm of your hand.

Everything Dinosaur’s Scale Drawing Showing the Estimated Size of the Nemicolopterus Specimen

Nemicolopterus crypticus scale drawing.
A scale drawing of the tiny pterosaur named Nemicolopterus.  The validity of this genus has been challenged.  It might not be valid, (nomen dubium), it is possible that the single specimen so far described represents a related tapejarid (Sinopterus). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Model Range

The PNSO Age of Dinosaurs (Toys that Accompany your Growth) range features a total of forty-eight small models.  This is a diverse and varied range, for instance, several horned dinosaurs feature – Kosmoceratops, Einiosaurus, Liaoceratops, Xenoceratops, Pachyrhinosaurus and Chasmosaurus.  Many of the replicas and figures represent prehistoric animals that are unique to China, creatures such as the armoured dinosaur Tuojiangosaurus, the bizarre marine reptile Atopodentatus and the troodontid Mei long.  However, other models represent prehistoric animals that have no connection with China, or even Asia for that matter.  For example, the ferocious marine crocodile Dakosaurus or the Baryonyx dinosaur model.

To view the range of PNSO Age of Dinosaurs figures available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaur Models.

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

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