March 2019 Newsletter – Collecting CollectA

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New CollectA Figures and a Special Offer on the Rare Bullyland Pteranodon sternbergi

Everything Dinosaur’s first newsletter of the spring features the first of the new for 2019 CollectA figures and a special offer on an extremely rare Bullyland flying reptile figure.  The latest figures in the CollectA “Age of Dinosaurs” series have arrived and it is great to see the Deluxe Caiuajara with its movable jaw, the Borealopelta, Edaphosaurus and the box of mini prehistoric animal models in stock.  Top billing in the newsletter is given to the remarkable CollectA Deluxe Carnotaurus – we know how keen dinosaur fans and model collectors have been on this model since we announced that it was going into production, back in November (2018).

To view the CollectA Deluxe models including the new Carnotaurus: Collecta Deluxe Prehistoric Life

The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 Carnotaurus Model Headlines the Everything Dinosaur March Newsletter

CollectA Deluxe Carnotaurus model.

Top billing in the latest Everything Dinosaur newsletter.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The CollectA Edaphosaurus

Ever since the 1:20 scale CollectA Dimetrodon was introduced in 2018, fans of this range have been eagerly looking forward to the addition of another Permian pelycosaur to this series.  The hand-painted 1:20 scale CollectA Edaphosaurus lives up to all the hyperbole and it makes a great accompaniment to the Dimetrodon figure.

To view the range of CollectA prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur including the Edaphosaurus: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models

A Sail-backed Prehistoric Animal Model Sails into Stock at Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Edaphosaurus.

The new CollectA Edaphosaurus model features in an Everything Dinosaur newsletter.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Flying Reptiles from Brazil and an Armoured Dinosaur from a Canadian Mine

Everything Dinosaur has also received a shipment of Caiuajara models, complete with an articulated lower jaw.  Fossil of this pterosaur were found in Brazil.  The CollectA Borealopelta figure has also arrived, although sadly, several cases of models were lost during shipment.  A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that plans were in place to get more of these armoured dinosaur models into stock as quickly as possible.  Perhaps, the missing models have got lost in a mine, as the only known Borealopelta specimen was discovered in a mine located in north-eastern Alberta (Canada).

The CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara and the CollectA Borealopelta

The CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara with a moveable jaw and a CollectA Borealopelta.

CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara and the CollectA Borealopelta figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Mini Prehistoric Animal Models and a Special Offer on an Extremely Rare Replica

Also just arrived at Everything Dinosaur is the box of mini prehistoric animal models.  A set of twelve miniature figures produced by CollectA and designed to accompany their larger equivalents in the scale model series.  Last but not least, the March newsletter features a special offer!  A chance to purchase the very rare and long retired Bullyland Pteranodon sternbergi figure at the same price offered by Everything Dinosaur when it was last available nearly ten years ago!

Mini Prehistoric Animals and a Special Offer for Newsletter Subscribers

CollectA mini prehistoric animals and a Bullyland Pteranodon (P. sternbergi).

The new set of twelve mini prehistoric animal models from CollectA and a special offer on the very rare Bullyland Pteranodon sternbergi figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur newsletter subscribers are amongst the first to learn about new models and replicas coming into stock.  Subscribers can also be the first to join a priority reserve list to ensure that they can acquire new figures.  Our newsletter is sent out periodically and it is free to join.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The newsletter is a fantastic way for our customers to be kept informed and to stay up-to-date with developments at Everything Dinosaur.”

To request to join the Everything Dinosaur newsletter subscribers list: Simply Email Everything Dinosaur