New Reflections on Hyaenodon gigas

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Reflecting on Hyaenodon gigas

The extinct clade Creodonta, a term first used by the famous American palaeontologist Edward Drinker Cope (1875), was composed of a great variety of carnivorous mammals, of all shapes and sizes.  One of the most imposing of these predatory mammals was Hyaenodon gigas.  With a shoulder height of around 1.4 metres H. gigas was one of the largest members of the Hyaenodontidae family.  For a comparison, male Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris tigris), stand around 1 metre high at the shoulder.

A fully grown H. gigas is estimated to have weighed around half a tonne.  This was a very formidable carnivore.

Those clever people at Safari Ltd have created a stunning image that highlights the beauty and detail of their Wild Safari Prehistoric World Hyaenodon model.

Reflecting on a Beautiful Prehistoric Animal Model – Hyaenodon gigas

A Hyaenodon gigas model.
The Hyaenodon gigas replica part of the Wild Safari Prehistoric World model series by Safari Ltd.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Hyaenodon gigas Model

Last year, Safari Ltd introduced several new synapsid models.  For instance, a Przewalski’s horse was added to their “Winner’s Enclosure” collection.  Numerous prehistoric mammals as well as a stunning Dimetrodon replica were also launched.  In 2018, Safari Ltd added the Hyaenodon gigas, Uintatherium, Megacerops, Macrauchenia, a Daeodon and a model of an American Mastodon (Mammut americanum).

Super Synapsids on Display

New prehistoric animal models from Safari Ltd (2018).
Some wonderful synapsid models were introduced in 2018.  From top left Przewalski’s horse (extant) with the extinct pelycosaur Dimetrodon (below).  From left to right – Uintatherium, Megacerops, the American Mastodon, H. gigas, Macrauchenia and a trotting Daeodon model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Naturally, each of these prehistoric animal figures is supplied with its very own fact sheet, so collectors and model fans can learn about the creature that the model represents.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Congratulations to Safari Ltd

Our congratulations to Safari Ltd for making such a diverse range of figures and for producing such stunning images to accompany their model range.  The use of light and the clever photoshop effect of movement of the water in the puddle adds a new level of authenticity to their figures.  The reflection of the Hyaenodon model has been skilfully created and we look forward to posting up more examples of this sort of creativity on our blog in the near future.

A Stunning Image to Promote a Prehistoric Animal Model

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Hyaenodon gigas model.
Reflecting on the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Hyaenodon gigas figure.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

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