Spot the Big, Blue Dinosaur

Whilst working in a school hall delivering a dinosaur themed workshop to Reception-aged children we spotted this super illustration of a dinosaur.  The big, blue sauropod was part of a mural created for the school by talented artist and children’s book author Steve Smallman back in 2013.  How do we know?  The artist had signed the dinosaur’s tail. It is a very colourful mural.

A Big, Blue Dinosaur

A Big Blue Dinosaur Spotted in a School Hall

School hall has a dinosaur in a mural.

A mural that features a big, blue dinosaur in a school hall.

Picture credit: Three Peaks Academy and Everything Dinosaur

Whilst we can’t vouch for its anatomical accuracy, it certainly is a very colourful dinosaur.  The dinosaur drawing was certainly popular with the children.

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A Dinosaur Mural

The mural reached up from the floor to the ceiling and we estimate that the blue dinosaur was around four metres tall.  Surprisingly, the teacher who had booked Everything Dinosaur to undertake the morning of dinosaur themed workshops with the classes, was not aware that a dinosaur was lurking in the school hall.  This must be an example of hiding in plain sight.  We wonder what other dinosaurs and prehistoric animals might be found in school artwork displays?  We shall have to keep a lookout for any more striking dinosaur illustrations to be found in the schools that we are scheduled to visit.

Take a look at Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.