A Photograph of a Trilobite Fossil

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A Trilobite Fossil

We were contacted by a teacher to help explain how trilobite fossils formed, how old they were and what trilobites actually looked like.  We were happy to email over a fact sheet all about the Trilobita and to send over some pictures of trilobite reconstructions along with some photographs of fossils.

A Trilobite Fossil

A Photograph of Trilobite Fossils

Trilobite fossils - the Selenopeltis slab.

Trilobites galore – the Selenopeltis slab.

We received a lovely email in return thanking us for providing such a lot of useful teaching material and for being so responsive.  The picture (above) shows an assemblage of fossil trilobites. At least three species are preserved in the specimen. The fossils are on display at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  The photograph was taken by an Everything Dinosaur team member.

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As trilobites shed their exoskeletons in order to grow (moulting), most trilobite fossils are actually shed shells, rather than the corpses of dead animals.  Whatever the species, we are always keen to see pictures of trilobites and we were happy to help out the teacher.

A CollectA Prehistoric Life Trilobite Model (Other Prehistoric Animals)

CollectA Redlichia rex trilobite. "First Life"

CollectA Redlichia rex trilobite model.

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