A Saurophaganax for William

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Favourite Dinosaur of Young Dinosaur Fan

Recently, team members at Everything Dinosaur met a young dinosaur fan called William.  William told us that his favourite dinosaur was Saurophaganax and that he loved watching the Saurophaganax clips on the BBC television programme “Planet Dinosaur”.

An Illustration of the Giant Theropod Dinosaur Saurophaganax

Fearsome predator of the Late Jurassic.

Fearsome predator of the Late Jurassic.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Saurophaganax is the biggest carnivorous dinosaur described from the Morrison Formation of the United States.  It is a contender for one of the largest Theropod dinosaurs known from Upper Jurassic strata and the fossils, although fragmentary, indicate an animal in excess of twelve metres in length.  Originally described as Saurophagus, the site where the first fossils of this dinosaur were discovered also yielded Stegosaur and Camptosaurus fossil material.  It has been suggested that these two bird-hipped dinosaurs were prey for the lizard-hipped Saurophaganax, hence the part of the television documentary programme in which a Saurophaganax lays claim to a Camptosaurus.

Nice to have met you William.