Europe in the Jurassic

Our thanks to Robert Townsend who sent us some more prehistoric animal diorama pictures.  This time, Robert focuses on dinosaurs that lived in Europe during the Jurassic and he has created some fascinating scenes in his large-scale dinosaur diorama “The Lost World”.

A Lourinhanosaurus Stalks an Europasaurus

Stalking an Europasaurus.

A Lourinhanosaurus stalks Europasaurus.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

The sauropod model shown in the foreground is a Bullyland Europasaurus.

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A Dinosaur Themed Diorama

This is a nicely composed shot, the details on the foreground are clearly defined and the whole photograph has a sense of perspective.

A Close up of the CollectA Lourinhanosaurus Dinosaur Model

The CollectA Lourinhanosaurus dinosaur model.

CollectA Lourinhanosaurus in a dinosaur diorama.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

The Lourinhanosaurus model is part of the “Prehistoric Life” model range by CollectA.  In this image, Robert brings out the detail on the figure quite nicely as well as revealing the level of care taken in the creation of the prehistoric scene, note the tiny pebbles in the foreground.  Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the prehistoric settings for these dinosaur models.

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The CollectA Metriacanthosaurus at the Water’s Edge

CollectA Metriacanthosaurus.

CollectA Metriacanthosaurus model.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

The Jurassic of Europe

A number of environments are depicted in the dinosaur themed diorama, the use of water effects provides a good focal point to set various prehistoric scenes.  The low light in the background gives the impression of dusk, here is a Metriacanthosaurus (model by CollectA), coming down to the river late at night to quench its thirst.

A Metriacanthosaurus Confronts an Adult Stegosaur (Dacentrurus)

Metriacanthosaurus and Dacentrurus fight it out.

A CollectA Metriacanthosaurus threatens a CollectA Dacentrurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

Robert is keen to depict various interactions between prehistoric animals associated with Jurassic-aged strata from Europe.  In this photograph, an adult Dacentrurus adopts a threatening posture when confronted with a Metriacanthosaurus.  The meat-eater better watch-out, as at nearly two tonnes, the Dacentrurus is a very formidable opponent.

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Our thanks to Robert for sending in these photographs.  We get sent lots of pictures and other dinosaur related items, we enjoy looking at them all.  We really do enjoy the creative ways in which our customers display their dinosaur and prehistoric animal model collections.