Foundation Stage Children Discover Dinosaurs (Dinosaurs with John Locke Academy)

Friday was “find a dinosaur day” for the Foundation classes at John Locke Academy.   The eager, young prehistoric animal fans in Nursery and Reception have just started their term topic and it’s all about dinosaurs!  In the well organised and spacious classrooms there were lots of creative, dinosaur themed activities for the children to get to grips with.  There was even a set of very colourful dinosaur eggs on display.  It looks like the children had enjoyed making a nest for these huge eggs.

Dinosaurs with John Locke Academy

A Dinosaur Nest Has Been Discovered in the Classroom

Dinosaurs with John Locke Academy

Dinosaur eggs spotted at John Locke Academy. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: John Locke Academy/Everything Dinosaur

During the workshops we were able to encourage the children to think of some amazing describing words as we examined the teeth and jaws of carnivores.  Impressive pre-knowledge was demonstrated by a number of the children.  If our dinosaur expert ever gets stuck whilst studying a fossil, we now know who to get in touch with.

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As part of Everything Dinosaur’s support for the varied and challenging scheme of work that had been developed by the enthusiastic teaching team, we were able to provide some colourful dinosaur themed word mats and a useful pronunciation guide, so that the grown-ups could keep up with all the budding palaeontologists.

All to soon, it was time for our dinosaur expert to say goodbye, as each of the classes lined up in very smart, straight lines there was just time for a special “T. rex” finger wave!

Everything Dinosaur stocks a large range of dinosaur themed toys, gifts and games which have all been tested and approved by our enthusiastic teaching team.

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