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25 02, 2016

Class One Get into Dinosaurs

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A Dinosaur Museum in the Classroom

The Key Stage 1 pupils at All Saints’ C of E Primary have started to learn all about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals this term.  A dinosaur workshop delivered by Everything Dinosaur provided a provocation for the children and teachers alike.  The children spent the morning handling lots of fossils and exploring the size and scale of dinosaurs.

A Dinosaur Museum

A Dinosaur Museum was Set up in the Classroom

Dinosaur and fossil workshop.

A dinosaur museum at All Saints Primary. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Workshop

We set the Year 1 and Year 2 children a number of extension activities to help support the teacher’s scheme of work and although the children have only just started the term topic, there were numerous examples of dinosaur themed writing on display around the well organised classrooms.

Class One (ages 5-6) had set up a mini dinosaur museum in one corner of their classroom.  This area will be used to showcase some of the children’s prehistoric animal themed arts and crafts.  Some of the children presented our dinosaur expert with dinosaur drawings that they had done and in return we promised to email over fact sheets and drawing materials to help support the learning.

For further information about Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools: Contact Everything Dinosaur.

Commenting on the success of the morning of dinosaur themed activities, the Year 1 class teacher stated:

“The children were engaged with the session and we loved all the hands on stuff!”

We look forward to hearing how the budding young scientists tackled the extension activities we provided.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that the company’s teaching team supervised the introduction of the dinosaur themed toys and games.  They even tested and approved the Everything Dinosaur product range.

To view the range of prehistoric animal toys in stock, including replicas of famous animals from the fossil record: Dinosaur Games and Dinosaur Toys.

25 02, 2016

Dodos and Dinosaurs

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New Cute Dodo Soft Toy Available from Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur has added a cute and very cuddly Dodo soft toy to the company’s soft toy range.  Although not a dinosaur in the strictest sense, (would you believe an avian-dinosaur)?  The Dodo soft toy is a very welcome addition to the range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal soft toys.

A Soft Toy Dodo from Everything Dinosaur

Dodo soft toy.

Dodo soft toy.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dodos and Dinosaurs

With its shiny black eyes, bright yellow beak and little wings, this soft toy Dodo is suitable for children from three years of age.  Even extinct animals need love to!  The soft toy Dodo stands an impressive thirty centimetres tall and it is made from very soft material indeed, one might even say that this is a super-soft, soft toy.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of prehistoric animal and dinosaur soft toys: Soft Toy Dinosaurs.

Getting to Grips with a Giant Pigeon

The Dodo, scientific name Raphus cucullatus was a member of the pigeon family.  Growing to the size of a turkey, it was the largest type of pigeon known.  Based on contemporary descriptions and notes from scientists who had the opportunity to study this bird before its extinction, the Dodo is described as being chubby with a rounded body covered in grey coloured feathers.  The head and beak were naked of feathers, the bill was large and the mouth could open surprisingly wide.  The legs and feet were yellow and this bird moved rather slowly and clumsily.  Contemporary reports suggest that this bird gave a loud squawk when alarmed.

Sadly, as any budding young palaeontologist will tell you, within a century or so of its discovery by Dutch sailors on the island of Mauritius, the Dodo was extinct.  The reason for its demise remains uncertain.  It had been thought that visitors to Mauritius had killed the bird for food, but there are numerous accounts of the bird’s flesh tasting “oily” and being very unpalatable.   More likely, rats, pigs and cats introduced to the island by European settlers devastated the Dodo population by destroying nests and eating young birds and eggs.

A Symbol of Extinction

In 1693, the French explorer and naturalist Francois Legaut visited the last known refuge of the Dodo on the East Indian island.  He found no trace of Dodos.  This comical-looking bird has become a symbol for extinction, hence the phrase “as dead as a dodo”.  The Dodo had died out in less than one hundred years after mankind encountered it.

We hope you like our Dodo soft toy, it is rather lovable!

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