A5 Dinosaur Notebook

New in stock at Everything Dinosaur is this super, child-friendly, dinosaur themed notebook.  Helping to encourage children with their hand-writing is one of the principle aims of Everything Dinosaur and this eighty page notebook, with built in ruler and ball point pen has got all our dinosaur experts excited.

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Dinosaur notebook

A dinosaur notebook.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Notebook

Ideal for young dinosaur fans, this prehistoric animal themed notebook has illustrations of iconic fossils on the front.  One of the budding young palaeontologists stated that there was “definitely a skull Tyrannosaurus rex” and who are we to argue.  This is a super quality notebook made from recycled materials.  It is great for encouraging writing and great for the environment too.

The front cover (that features the dinosaur skulls), is made from recycled cardboard and the inner pages (80 lined pages), are also made from recycled kraft paper.  At a weight of 80 gsm, the paper is the same weight as most sheets used in schools, so they make an excellent writing medium.  A ballpoint pen is included in the notebook set, it is held securely in place on the inside of the back cover, so there is no chance of this pen getting misplaced.

The pen in our set was black ink and the children had no problems at all writing with it.  The plastic part of the pen is also made from 90% recycled materials, so we can tick the environmentally friendly box with this item, that’s for sure.

Helping to Encourage Writing

The children found the pen easy to grip and the lines on the pages were just about the right spacing to help the children with their note taking, making the writing legible.  One of our younger testers was able to use the notepaper without any problems, carefully ensuring a finger space between each of the words that they had written.  There were lots of lovely examples of writing produced, and it was pleasing to see some excellent punctuation too, not just capital letters and full stops but commas and even one example of quotation mark usage.

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Dinosaur Notebook to Encourage Writing

This new A5-sized dinosaur notebook has been added to our portfolio of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed writing materials, notebooks and notepads, part of the extensive school themed range from Everything Dinosaur.  Ideal for young dinosaur fans to help encourage them with their school work.  Take a dinosaur to school or out on your own dinosaur hunting adventures with dinosaur themed stationery.  Part of the extensive range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed school products including dinosaur stationery, dinosaur lunch bags, backpacks, pens and pencils, just about everything a young palaeontologist needs for school.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

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