Free Dinosaur Themed Word Mats to Download

Everything Dinosaur has teamed up with the prehistoric animal model makers Papo to create a set of dinosaur themed word mats to help inspire children to increase their vocabulary.  These handy teaching aids are available as free downloads and have been designed by members of Everything Dinosaur’s teaching team.

Educational Dinosaur Themed Word Mats 

A dinosaur word mat for the Jurassic herbivore Stegosaurus.

A word mat for the Jurassic herbivore Stegosaurus.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In total, a set of five dinosaur themed word mats have been developed, all aimed at helping to give children more confidence with literacy and language skills as they study dinosaurs as a term topic.  Take for example, children in Year 1 and Year 2.  Many schools include a topic about dinosaurs in the teaching curriculum and enthusiasm for prehistoric animals can help boost reading and writing skills.  In literacy, the children will be starting to form more complex sentences and to produce non-fiction based writing.  Exposure to a topic all about dinosaurs will provide opportunities for the children to get to grips with more challenging words.

A Tyrannosaurus rex Inspired Dinosaur Word Mat

A T. rex dinosaur word mat.

Helping to develop literacy as well as touching upon scientific working.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Word Mats

These very handy dinosaur themed word mats can be downloaded for free by contacting Everything Dinosaur team members: Email Everything Dinosaur.

The dinosaur themed word mats have been designed to illustrate different types of dinosaur.  They also provide information on diet and the handy timeline indicates when the dinosaur lived.  Everything Dinosaur team members have developed a variety of dinosaur word mats, including word mats depicting herbivores and carnivores as well as dinosaurs from the Cretaceous and the Jurassic.

To purchase Papo dinosaur models for use in schools: Papo Dinosaur Models.