Reception Classes Learn About Dinosaurs and Fossils

As Everything Dinosaur team members visit schools to conduct dinosaur themed workshops we get the opportunity to view some of the amazing teaching work going on in classrooms.  Take for example, our visit to Higher Openshaw Community School to work with the two Reception classes.  A very enriching and creative scheme of work had been devised by the teaching team and there were lots of examples of the children’s work on display.

Dinosaur Themed Lessons

Reception Classes Look at Dinosaur Extinction Theories

volcano - dinosaur themed lesson plans

Reception children explore ideas about dinosaur extinction.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals as a term topic provides fantastic opportunities to move the children  away from free flowing play activities undertaken in the Foundation Stage to more structured learning.

This provides excellent preparation for the move up to Year 1.  The Reception children had certainly been having a lot of fun, the scheme of work for the term topic had been carefully crafted by the teaching team.

An Attractive Display

A Wonderful “Wow” Wall with Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Dinosaur display with Foundation Stage children.

Miss Burke and the Foundation Stage Two dinosaur display. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Higher Openshaw Community School/Everything Dinosaur

The children had been provided with some real fossils to excavate from the sand tray.  This is a great activity to help young minds explore fossils.

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