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A Busy Teaching Schedule for the Summer Term

The relatively short summer term is in full swing and so are the plans for teaching activities at Everything Dinosaur with team members undertaking a number of dinosaur and fossil workshops with children aged from 4 years up to Key Stage 3.  The Everything Dinosaur “Dinosaurs for Schools” web site, a bespoke on line presence for teachers and home educationalists, is constantly being updated with helpful posts and additional downloads of free to use dinosaur and fossil themed teaching resources.

With evolution and natural selection being incorporated into the English national curriculum, the demand for our experts is at an all time high, but team members remain determined to help all the teachers and education specialists that contact the company.

Planning and Preparing So That More Support Can Be Provided

Everything Dinosaur school website.

Planning schemes of work to support teachers.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

Commenting on the company’s proposed teaching plans for the summer term a spokesperson for the Cheshire based organisation stated:

“We know how busy teachers are at the moment, there is so much to squeeze into this term and on top of this many senior leadership teams are well advanced with their schemes of work for 2016.  We too have put in place measures to help ensure that we can keep creating new downloadable teaching resources as well as posting up additional articles on our schools website to provide further support.  Rest assured, we shall keep working on this throughout this term and into the summer recess so educationalists can rely on us for useful, informative and helpful dinosaur and fossil themed teaching resources.”

To view the Everything Dinosaur web site: Everything Dinosaur.

In addition, the schools website will have a number of new features incorporated within it over the next two weeks.  New “quick links” will be included in the site to help teachers and learning practitioners navigate quicker to key areas such as being able to contact one of our dinosaur and fossil experts directly via email.

These improvements to this element of Everything Dinosaur’s on line presence are designed to provide an even speedier service to teachers, permitting questions about dinosaurs, requests for advice about lesson plans and so forth to be handled even quicker than before.

Everything Dinosaur must be doing something right when it comes to dinosaur workshops in schools.  Feedback from teachers and teaching assistants averages a very impressive 4.8 stars out of a maximum of 5 stars.