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19 06, 2015

Genuine Reviews on Everything Dinosaur’s Website

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Genuine Reviews from Teachers after Dinosaur Workshops

Teachers and their support staff can rest assured when it comes to reading reviews about Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools.  Unfortunately, other reviews, comments and feedback posted up on websites about goods and services may not be so trustworthy.

Fake Reviews on Websites

Research undertaken by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has identified a number of highly dubious online practices, many of which may be unlawful.  For example, instances of businesses ambushing competitors by placing fake negative reviews on their rival’s website have been identified.  The purchase of favourable reviews about a company or its products/services is also occurring.

The CMA states that they are launching an investigation into various organisations, as the use of paid-for endorsements without a clear admission of payment may be unlawful and these attempts to boost brands, products and company profiles could be much more widespread than previously assumed.   The BBC has reported on this and even tracked down a student from Bangladesh who openly discussed how much he got paid for posting up fake reviews.

Genuine Reviews About Everything Dinosaur’s Work in Schools

Genuine reviews. Feedback after dinosaur workshop.

Genuine feedback from teachers, teaching assistants and members of the senior leadership team.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Genuine Reviews on Everything Dinosaur’s Websites

The picture above shows a typical feedback form filled in by a teacher after a dinosaur workshop with the class.  In this instance, Nikki (the Year 1 teacher), even coloured in the stars to indicate a “5 Star Rating” for our work teaching about dinosaurs and fossils in school.  We keep a written record of all the feedback that we receive, these feedback forms and customer comments help us to improve our service to schools and we have them available should any organisation such as STEMNET wish to inspect them.

To read testimonials about Everything Dinosaur from customers: Customer Testimonials.

Sue Judd of Everything Dinosaur commented:

“At Everything Dinosaur, we pride ourselves in publishing genuine feedback, reviews and comments and we would never knowingly post up information such as fake reviews and endorsements.”

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.

To read the reviews about Everything Dinosaur’s work and performance posted up on the independent ratings company Feefo’s website: Everything Dinosaur Feefo Reviews.

19 06, 2015

Woman Killed by Rock Fall at Popular Fossil Hunting Location

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Fatal Accident at Llantwit Major (South Wales)

A twenty-four year old woman has been killed after a rock fell on her at Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan (South Wales).  The accident happened yesterday evening and emergency services were called to this popular walking and fossil hunting location just before 5.30pm. A spokesperson for the Welsh ambulance service stated that they had received a report of an incident where a rock from the cliffs had fallen on a person’s head.

Unfortunately, the impact proved fatal and the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.  The cliffs are extremely dangerous and there are numerous signs posted up along the beach warning visitors of the potential hazards.

Very Dangerous Cliffs along the British Coast

Lyme Regis at low tide.

Good idea to go fossil collecting on a falling tide and to keep away from the steep cliffs.  There are some very dangerous cliffs along the British coast.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rock Fall

Each year, the beautiful beaches to be found in this part of south Wales attract thousands of visitors, many of whom are keen to explore the area looking for fossils.  There are a lot of different types of fossil to be found, including giant gastropods and numerous bivalves.

Occasionally, vertebrate fossils can be discovered, fish scales and teeth as well as isolated bones from marine reptiles.  The blue lias rocks date from the Early Jurassic and they are approximately 200 million years old.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“This is very sad news.  We will soon be at the height of the holiday season with thousands of tourists flocking to locations such as the Vale of Glamorgan, Ravenscar and the Dorset coast.  However, many of the cliffs at these places which are so popular with tourists, are extremely dangerous.  Rock falls and land slips are very common around the Lyme Regis and Charmouth areas for example and we urge all visitors to heed the warning signs and to stay away from cliffs.”

Dangerous Cliffs Around Britain’s Coasts

Back in 2012, Everything Dinosaur reported on a fatal accident that took place at Hive Beach (near Bridport, Dorset), this latest terrible incident demonstrates that care and precaution must be taken at all times and visitors to locations such as Llantwit Major are urged to stay clear of the cliffs.

If you are looking for fossils, Everything Dinosaur advises that visitors limit their searches to the rocks along the foreshore and the shales exposed on the beach away from the cliffs.  Fossils are being constantly eroded onto the beach and there are always plenty of specimens to find.

The Fossil Collecting Code

Our team members are happy to provide advice and guidance to fossil hunters, in addition, we wrote an article a few years ago now that provided hints and safety tips for fossil hunters.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s tips on safe fossil collecting: Fossil Collecting Code – Safety Tips.

The accident occurred just a few miles to the west of Lavernock Point, it was at Lavernock Point that the fossilised remains of an Early Jurassic meat-eating dinosaur were discovered in 2014.   These fossils have just been put on display at the National Museum of Wales.  This exceptional fossil find might persuade more people to visit these sites along the Welsh side of the Bristol Channel, whilst fossil hunting can be a wonderful hobby, all the team members at Everything Dinosaur strongly urge that visitors take great care and that they do not approach the cliffs. No fossil collecting should be attempted from the cliffs themselves or any adjacent scree slopes.

19 06, 2015

Papo Velociraptors Claim to Fame with Exciting Film Scenes

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“Jurassic World Raptors” and the Papo Velociraptor Replica

Some of the most exciting scenes in the record breaking dinosaur movie “Jurassic World” involve the pack of “raptors” and the various chase scenes.  Velociraptors, at least over-sized ones anyway, have been a mainstay of the “Jurassic Park” franchise, ever since the first film came out way back in 1993.  Pack hunting and some form of social behaviour has been ascribed to these types of dinosaurs, which as members of the Dromaeosauridae (swift lizards) family, are closely related to modern birds.


In reality, the two species of Velociraptor described to date were much smaller than their movie counterparts, but even so, they would very probably have been aggressive animals and formidable hunters, much feared by even the largest of the herbivores that shared their Asian habitat towards the end of the Cretaceous.

Which Dinosaur Model Most Closely Resembels the Movie Raptors?

This accolade, we think, goes to Papo for their Velociraptor replica.  The theropod dinosaurs in “Jurassic World” have been criticised for not reflecting some of the latest thinking with regards to meat-eating dinosaurs. For example, there is an absence of feathers and many palaeontologists now think that the majority of the Theropoda were at least partially feathered.  The Papo Velociraptor dinosaur model is also not feathered.

A Pair of Papo Velociraptors

Papo Velociraptor

Papo Velociraptor dinosaur model.

Papo Velociraptor

Papo, the French model and figure manufacturer, has built up a strong reputation for its excellent replicas.  The company’s dinosaur model range was believed to have been inspired by the first film, “Jurassic Park” that was released in 1993.  The current range consists of over thirty different prehistoric animal models.

To view the full Papo prehistoric animal model range: Papo Dinosaur Models.

In the film, animal trailer turned dinosaur behaviourist Owen Grady, played by Chris Pratt, leads a pack of Velociraptors, describing himself as the “alpha” member of the pack, Owen is able to exercise some degree of control over the actions of his dinosaurs.  How much control..?  Well, that would be giving away details of the plot and since not all our readers have seen the film yet, we shall say no more.

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