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17 06, 2015

Thank You for All the Wonderful Dinosaur Pictures

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Lots of Dinosaur Pictures Sent to Everything Dinosaur

Just time to say a very big thank you to all the dinosaur fans and budding fossil collectors that have sent in prehistoric animal pictures.  We do look at every single one that we receive and we are humbled when we get so many sent into us.  We know that a lot of schools have been teaching dinosaur themed topics during the latter part of the spring term and for the first part of the summer term, as a result, we have been very busy visiting schools and we have seen some wonderful examples of artwork as well as inspiring the next generation of palaeoartists to send in their pictures to Everything Dinosaur.

A Pink Stegosaurus (Very Colourful)

A very colourful pink plant-eating dinosaur.

A very colourful pink plant-eating dinosaur.

Picture credit: Enan

Dinosaur Drawings

We have posted up a large number of the illustrations on our warehouse notice boards, others have been put up on the office walls, they certainly cheer the place up.  Lots and lots of brightly coloured prehistoric animals such as this very pink Stegosaurus drawn by Enan, aged 4.  His mum says that Stegosaurus is his favourite dinosaur (for the moment), but he does tend to change quite frequently and he likes to tell his parents about his dinosaur models and to explain which ones ate plants and which ones ate meat.  Well done, Enan.

A spokesperson for the UK-based, mail order company commented:

“Our thanks to Enan and all the other young prehistoric animal fans who sent in dinosaur pictures.  Our thanks to the grown-ups as well for giving us permission to post them up and to display them in our offices and warehouse.”

Hopefully, we will have time to post up more examples, on our social media pages and of course on the Everything Dinosaur blog.

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17 06, 2015

Year Six and Dinosaur Blood

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Year Six Study Fossils and Dinosaurs with Everything Dinosaur

Today, Everything Dinosaur visited Newcastle under Lyme School, an independent day school in the heart of Staffordshire.  Our mission was to work with the two classes of Year 6 exploring fossils, deep time and to help develop and augment the scheme of work all about palaeontology and geology created by the enthusiastic teaching team.

As part of our work with the dedicated teaching team, we brought a large number of resources with us including replicas of iconic fossil animals such as ammonites and belemnites.

To view the range of replicas of fossil animals in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Replica Fossil Animals and Prehistoric Animal Toys.

Based in one of the classrooms, our dinosaur expert marvelled at the wonderful illustrations of fossils that the children had created as part of a display.  He explained the importance of putting a scale on the drawings and after a tactile fossil handling session he set the children an exercise that involved studying some bizarre fish remains.  Good job the classes had a scale on their worksheets to help them work out how big the fossils were.

Year Six Children Learn About Palaeontology and Geology

A colourful dinosaur display.

A colourful dinosaur themed display. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Students Study Dinosaurs

To conclude the dinosaur and fossil themed workshops, Everything Dinosaur shared with the class some information on research conducted by scientists at the Imperial College London.  Evidence of organic remains even potential dinosaur blood may have been discovered.  This enabled the dinosaur workshop leader to engage the children in a short debate over the perils of trying to bring back extinct creatures.  This chimed very nicely with the children as many of them had recently seen the movie “Jurassic World”.

Dinosaur Blood – Evidence of Potential Red Blood Cells Discovered in Dinosaur Fossils

Evidence of potential red blood cells preserved in 75-million-year-old dinosaur bone.

Evidence of potential red blood cells preserved in 75 million year old dinosaur bone.

Picture credit: Laurent Mekul

To learn more about Everything Dinosaur’s work with Upper Key Stage 2 children and to request further information about the dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed toys and games we supply: Contact Everything Dinosaur.

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