Genuine Reviews from Teachers after Dinosaur Workshops

Teachers and their support staff can rest assured when it comes to reading reviews about Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools.  Unfortunately, other reviews, comments and feedback posted up on websites about goods and services may not be so trustworthy.

Fake Reviews on Websites

Research undertaken by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has identified a number of highly dubious online practices, many of which may be unlawful.  For example, instances of businesses ambushing competitors by placing fake negative reviews on their rival’s website have been identified.  The purchase of favourable reviews about a company or its products/services is also occurring.

The CMA states that they are launching an investigation into various organisations, as the use of paid-for endorsements without a clear admission of payment may be unlawful and these attempts to boost brands, products and company profiles could be much more widespread than previously assumed.   The BBC has reported on this and even tracked down a student from Bangladesh who openly discussed how much he got paid for posting up fake reviews.

Genuine Reviews About Everything Dinosaur’s Work in Schools

Genuine reviews. Feedback after dinosaur workshop.

Genuine feedback from teachers, teaching assistants and members of the senior leadership team.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Genuine Reviews on Everything Dinosaur’s Websites

The picture above shows a typical feedback form filled in by a teacher after a dinosaur workshop with the class.  In this instance, Nikki (the Year 1 teacher), even coloured in the stars to indicate a “5 Star Rating” for our work teaching about dinosaurs and fossils in school.  We keep a written record of all the feedback that we receive, these feedback forms and customer comments help us to improve our service to schools and we have them available should any organisation such as STEMNET wish to inspect them.

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Sue Judd of Everything Dinosaur commented:

“At Everything Dinosaur, we pride ourselves in publishing genuine feedback, reviews and comments and we would never knowingly post up information such as fake reviews and endorsements.”

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