Giraffes, Lions and Zebras Learn all about Dinosaurs

It was a busy day yesterday for our dinosaur experts as the teaching team at Mead Primary School (Essex) had requested a dinosaur workshop for each of the three Reception classes at the school.  The children in Foundation Stage Two had been learning all about dinosaurs and the classes, each named after an animal (Zebras, Giraffes and Lions), had prepared lots of questions.  The focus for the scheme of work was writing and there were many examples of the children’s handwriting on display, including some lovely dinosaur fact books that some of the pupils had made.

Dinosaur Workshop

The Walls Outside the Classroom were Decorated with Dinosaur Displays

Dinosaur display after a dinosaur workshop in school.

Lots of different dinosaurs on display.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Summer Term Topic

To act as a provocation for the Summer Term topic, the teachers had made paper mache dinosaur eggs, one for each class.  The children discovered the eggs and concluded that a dinosaur had laid them.  They were then encouraged to write to one of our dinosaur experts to invite him in to help them investigate .  The dinosaur workshops in the school, were a great success helping to motivate and inspire the children as well as the enthusiastic teaching team.

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One of the Eggs Found at the School – Could this be a Dinosaur Egg?

Dinosaur Workshop in School.

What will happen when it hatches?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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