Jurassic World – Official Global Trailer

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“We Have an Asset out of Containment”!  The Jurassic World Film Trailer!

Fifty two days to go and counting.  That’s how long we have to wait for the premier of the movie “Jurassic World”, which opens on June 12th (there will be some screenings the day before we are led to believe), a new global trailer has been brought out and it really whets the appetite for what will be one of the most eagerly anticipated film releases for many a year.

Jurassic World

The trailer shows the main dinosaur villain of the piece INDOMINUS REX (the name means fierce or untameable [untameable] king).  This genetically engineered chimera breaks out, causing Park Operations Manager, Claire Dearing (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), to exclaim with glorious understatement our strapline to this article.

Jurassic World Official Global Trailer

Video credit: Universal Studios

Twenty thousand people trapped on an island with the prehistoric animals running riot, not enough boats, not enough guns and by the looks of the trailer there are plenty of meat-eating dinosaurs around, enough to cause hero Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt), plenty of concern.

The Genetically Engineered Indominus rex

Nanmu Studio Indominus Berserker Rex

A model of a genetically designed dinosaur. Inspired by InGen?  This is a replica of the bizarre dinosaur which is part of the Nanmu Studio series.

Jurassic World Film Trailer

It seems this super intelligent dinosaur has some remarkable qualities, including being able to communicate with other prehistoric creatures.  In a still from the new trailer, the third trailer to be released, the fearsome Indominus rex persuades some pterosaurs (Pteranodon longiceps) to join in the mayhem.

Everything Dinosaur

Nanmu Studio introduced several prehistoric animal replicas that resemble dinosaurs seen in cinema releases.  However, they have yet to introduce a replica of Pteranodon longiceps.

To view the range of Nanmu Studio models stocked by Everything Dinosaur: Nanmu Studio Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.

We can’t wait to see the film.  It is likely to be a big commercial success for Universal Studios.