Rebor Ceratosaurus “Savage” and Everything Dinosaur

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Rebor Ceratosaurus “Savage”

The latest edition to the highly regarded Rebor collection of prehistoric animal replicas, a 1:35 scale model of Ceratosaurus, is due at our warehouse in the next few days or so.  Fans of dinosaurs are excited about the prospect of adding a Ceratosaurus to their growing collection of Rebor replicas.  A number of species of Ceratosaurus have been described, all of them dating from the Late Jurassic, although fossils have been found both in the United States, Portugal and China, indicating that this genus must have been very widespread towards the end of the Jurassic period.


Most of the fossils of this theropod dinosaur come from the Morrison Formation (western United States), although it is not the most common meat-eating dinosaur from the Morrison, at least in terms of the number of fossils found.  That honour belongs to the Allosaurus genus.

The Rebor Collection 1:35 scale “Savage” Ceratosaurus Replica

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

How Big was Ceratosaurus?

Palaeontologists debate just how big Ceratosaurus actually was.  The Ceratosaurus species represented in the Rebor replica is Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus, one of the largest species of Ceratosaurus described to date.  The model has an articulated lower jaw and it has been sculpted in very fine detail.  Ceratosaurus is the only theropod dinosaur that had a row of osteoderms running down its back.  These armoured scales would have made this dinosaur look like a giant, terrestrial crocodile.  Like all ceratosaurs, it had a relatively long tail in proportion to the rest of its body.

The species name was given as the teeth associated with this particular species, are proportionately large and more recurved than those teeth associated with Ceratosaurus nasicornis.

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The Dorsal View (Viewed from the Top Down) Shows the Row of Osteoderms

The characteristic bony armour (ossicles and osteoderms) can be clearly made out.

The characteristic bony armour (ossicles and osteoderms) can be clearly made out.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Ceratosaurus

 “Savage” the Rebor replica Ceratosaurus will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in a about three days.  In addition, the company is expecting more “Wind Hunter” Utahraptor replicas and some rare “Jolly” the hatching Triceratops figures.

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