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21 04, 2015

Everything Dinosaur Mentioned by Ofsted

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Year 1 Pupils Produce High Quality Writing

A return visit today to Winnington Park Primary School in Cheshire to work with Year 1.  This is the second time that a member of the Everything Dinosaur teaching team has visited this school.  Our last visit was in June 2014 to help reinforce learning and summarise the teaching work undertaken as the children had studied all things dinosaur over the summer term.  Today’s activities were a provocation, helping to motivate and enthuse, as the children had just started studying dinosaurs and fossils.  However, the pupils displayed a remarkable degree of knowledge and applied learning, even at this early stage of the term topic.  Under the expert tutelage of the teaching team, the children had been creating fact books all about dinosaurs and learning how to tell plant-eaters and meat-eaters apart.  We helped the eager, budding young palaeontologists explore fossils and dinosaurs, leaving them with an extension activity that involved measuring and comparing different sets of dinosaur footprints.

Year 1 Have Been Painting Various Prehistoric Animals

Lots of colourful prehistoric animals that the children will label.

Lots of colourful prehistoric animals that the children will label.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

 The day after our dinosaur workshop last year, this school had an Ofsted inspection.  The overall rating was “Good” for the school and the inspectors highlighted some outstanding teaching, the visit from our dinosaur expert “Dinosaur Mike” to the school the day before the inspection was discussed and the Ofsted inspectors commented that most of the children had made good progress and produced short pieces of good quality hand writing.

Everything Dinosaur Mentioned In Ofsted Report

Hand-writing of a high standard produced by Year 1 after dinosaur workshop.

Hand-writing of a high standard produced by Year 1 after dinosaur workshop.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Winnington Park Primary School

Commenting on the benefits of a school visit from a company like Everything Dinosaur, the report states:

“Pupils enjoy writing, especially when it is linked to a visit, or a school visitor.  This was the case in a Year 1 English class where pupils were talking and writing about a recent visit from “Dinosaur Mike”.  Most pupils made good progress and produced short pieces of writing of high quality.  One pupil was able to explain that “Dinosaur Mike is a palaeontologist.”

A themed dinosaur workshop with Year 1 has certainly helped to motivate and inspire the young learners.

Some of the prehistoric animals used in the teaching sessions can be found here on the Everything Dinosaur website: Assorted dinosaur and prehistoric animal models

21 04, 2015

Providing Prehistoric Animal Drawing Materials for Foundation Stage 2

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EYFS Create an Underwater Prehistoric Scene

A recent trip to a primary school to conduct a dinosaur workshop resulted in a request from one of the teaching assistants.  They had lots of blue crepe paper and they wanted to create a prehistoric scene that could be posted up onto the walls of the corridor outside the classroom for Foundation Stage 2.  However, she had not got any pictures of “sea monsters”, (her words not ours), for the children to colour in to help create the picture.  No worries, amongst all the other extension resources we supplied, we sent over a number of emails with fact sheets and drawings of a vast array of prehistoric creatures which were typical fauna of Jurassic marine environments.

Providing Pictures of the Plesiosauria to Primary Schools

Plesiosaurs and other prehistoric animals featured in the picture.

Plesiosaurs and other prehistoric animals featured in the picture.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We sent over pictures which included:

  • Jellyfish
  • Ammonites
  • Belemnites
  • Coelacanth (fish)
  • Ichthyosaurus
  • Mixosaurus (another type of Ichthyosaur)
  • Attenborosaurus (Pliosaur)
  • Liopleurodon (Pliosaur)

Lots of other prehistoric animal pictures were also sent over.  We even supplied the teaching team with an outline of a seascape that could be used as a back drop as the children in Foundation Stage 2 explored a prehistoric, undersea world.

For information on Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools and to contact our experts for a school visit quotation: Request a Quotation for a School Visit (UK only)

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