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4 04, 2015

Dinosaur Timeline Poster

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Dinosaur Timeline Poster – A Great Educational Resource

Measuring a generous forty-two centimetres by fifty-nine and a half centimetres (42cm x 59.5cm), the dinosaur timeline poster provides helpful teaching support when it comes to identifying the length of the geological periods during the time of the dinosaurs and which prehistoric animals lived when.

The Dinosaur Timeline Poster

Bright and colourful dinosaur timeline poster.

Bright and colourful dinosaur timeline poster.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each geological period, the Triassic, Jurassic and the Cretaceous is beautifully illustrated and each scene depicts typical animals and plants that existed during that part of our planet’s history.  In total, thirty prehistoric animals are picked out on the handy poster key and this poster is a valuable teaching resource when it comes to showing children how the world has changed.

To view the range of educational prehistoric animal themed posters available: Dinosaur Posters for Kids

Poster Themed Teaching Activities

  1. Block out the key using postage notes that have been cut so that they obscure the information about the length of the geological periods, challenge the class to research independently the age, length and order of the geological time periods.  Compare their answers with the information given out on the poster. Why does the length of the geological periods vary?  Over what time period in millions of years does the poster refer to- A great exercise for exploring the concept of deep time that dovetails into the section of the curriculum involving rocks and fossils.
  2. What similarities and differences can the children see in the animals and plants depicted in each scene?
  3. Can the children identify herbivores, carnivores and omnivores?
  4. What is the significance of the flowering plants/mammals/birds in the dinosaur timeline poster?
  5. Can the children write a story based on what they can see in the prehistoric scenes?

The poster is ideal for a dinosaur museum in a classroom or to be used as part of a classroom display and this dinosaur timeline poster is recommended by Everything Dinosaur and it retails at less than £2.30 plus post and packing!

The Triassic Scene from the Dinosaur Timeline Poster

The colourful Triassic scene.

The colourful Triassic scene.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

4 04, 2015

The Last of the Carnegie Collection Acrocanthosaurus

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Carnegie Collection Acrocanthosaurus (Model Number 403901)

First produced in 2001, the Carnegie Collection Acrocanthosaurus was a mainstay of this highly popular model series up until its retirement back in 2010.  The model was rarely found in ordinary toy shops with their plethora of T. rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops replicas and genuine dinosaur model collectors had to seek this one out more often than not.  Acrocanthosaurus (A. atokensis) was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs of North America during the Early Cretaceous.  It has been estimated to have reached lengths in excess of twelve metres and footprints found in Texas (USA), might be those of this huge Theropod dinosaur and, if so, they indicate that this dinosaur may have hunted in packs.

Model Number 403901 Carnegie Collection Acrocanthosaurus

Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model - Carnegie Collection

Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model – Carnegie Collection

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

So why the interest in this dinosaur model, one that was officially retired five years ago?  With the demise of the entire Carnegie Collection model series, team members at Everything Dinosaur know that many collectors and dinosaur model fans are eager to get their hands on this replica so that they can complete their Carnegie collections.  Everything Dinosaur has been able to acquire a number of these dinosaur models and we are selling them at the same price they were back in 2010 just £4.99 plus postage.  After all, why should we exploit a situation just because a dinosaur model is getting rarer and rarer.

To view the range of Safari Ltd dinosaur models available from Everything Dinosaur: Safari Ltd Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

So for all those dinosaur fans and model collectors, he is one last opportunity to acquire what is becoming an increasingly rare dinosaur – the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model – Carnegie Collection.

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