Feedback from Customers

People who purchase dinosaur toys and games from Everything Dinosaur provide feedback on their purchasing experience, feedback from customers, teachers who invite our experts into schools give us their views on our dinosaur workshops, all of our customers are encouraged to provide Everything Dinosaur with feedback.  Team members from the Cheshire based dinosaur company even had an article about developing a good customer service ethos within companies published by the Chamber of Commerce recently.  We feel it is very important to have a two-way dialogue with our customers and contacts.  All the information we gather helps us to become a better company.

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We are grateful for all the comments and views, in fact we get so many lovely comments that we often forget to publish them on our various social media platforms.  We always remember to thank those people who have taken the time to tell us how much they enjoyed working with us or how easy the shopping experience was, we just don’t post up all the wonderful feedback we receive.

Here is a selection of recent comments:

Key Stage 2 teacher:

 “Firstly, thank you so much for today the children are now very excited about starting their dinosaur topic and remembered all of the key facts you told them today!  The ideas and resources you have provided are fantastic and will be used by us throughout our topic and we will email you some of our work and pictures.   Thanks again, we really enjoyed the session and feel very lucky that we had the opportunity to have you in our school.”

Feedback from Customers

A mum to a young dinosaur fan:

“So glad I found your website, my son is only four but he loves sorting and arranging his dinosaur models.  He has a passion for pre-history and it gives him a brilliant way for him to connect; I watched him give a little ‘lecture’ to a group of 3 year old boys the other day with the pre-school dino models.” 

Feedback from one of our many telephone customers who ring the office to place orders:

“I just wanted to thank you.  I really appreciate the service that you offer your customers!”

Comments from a  dinosaur model collector:

“Thank you for checking over the dinosaurs before they were dispatched.  I find it very heart warming that your site actually takes the time to reply and check up on these things.  A big thank you!”

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We Should Give Ourselves a Big “Iguanodon Thumbs Up”

Praise from a dinosaur!

Praise for a dinosaur company – Everything Dinosaur!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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