Everything Dinosaur Publishes Unique Blog Article Number 2,500

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2,500 Blog Articles On Line With Everything Dinosaur

This is post number 2,500 on the Everything Dinosaur web log and we have commemorated our blog reaching this landmark by creating a special image that is being shared across our social media sites including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google plus.  This blog site was started back in May 2007 and since then the team members at Everything Dinosaur have tried to publish a news story featuring dinosaurs, Earth sciences, fossil discoveries, product updates dinosaur model reviews and such like every day.

Celebrating 2,500 Blog Articles with Everything Dinosaur

Celebrating with Everything Dinosaur.

Celebrating with Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

Our company is made up of parents, teachers and dinosaur enthusiasts and we spend our time helping to motivate young people to learn more about science as well as helping collectors source dinosaur models, providing information, quizzes and all sorts of items to do with extinct animals and other amazing creatures.

When this blog site was set up back in late May 2007 we set out a number of purposes and aims for it:

  • To provide a diary of our day-to-day activities – what we get up to running our unusual company.
  • To act as a source for more information and a forum on dinosaurs/prehistoric animals for our visitors, customers and such like.
  • To discuss/review new dinosaur models, dinosaur toys and other items being added to our product range.
  • To report on new dinosaur and fossil discoveries.
  • To inform our readers about new research articles and prehistoric animal studies.
  • To perhaps, through our scribblings and notes here to help encourage others to set up their own little businesses doing things that they enjoy too.

Our Humble Blog

Our humble blog has been read by thousands and thousands of people, we have been listed as one of the top ten palaeontological blogs around and we have received an accolade with regards to our use of English and our writing style.  The Everything Dinosaur blog has been used as an example of the proper use of modern English to Chinese students, our posts have been shared, commented upon, used in schools and in other educational establishments, we have simply lost track as our web log has grown over the last seven years or so.

A very big thank you to all our readers and contributors, we really appreciate all your input and feedback.

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