New Wild Safari Dinosaurs Monolophosaurus Reviewed

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A Video Review of the Wild Safari Dinos Monolophosaurus Dinosaur Model

As promised, a short (5:49 minutes) video review of the new Wild Safari Dinosaurs Monolophosaurus dinosaur model (Safari Ltd).  In this short review, we discuss how this new for 2014 replica mirrors the known fossil material and we discuss how this dinosaur lost its tail.

Wild Safari Dinos Monolophosaurus

Dinosaur Model Review (Monolophosaurus)

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The fossilised skull of this Jurassic theropod was so well preserved it has been heralded by palaeontologists as one of the most important saurischian dinosaur fossils ever found.  In the video, we explain a little more about the strange crest on the muzzle that give this dinosaur its name (single-crested lizard).  In addition, the taxonomic relationship between the superficially similar Dilophosaurus and Monolophosaurus is highlighted.

The Difference Between Theropod Genera

We use a Dilophosaurus dinosaur model to point out the differences between these very different theropod genera.

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