New Safari Ltd 2014 Prehistoric Animal Models Arrive

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Wild Safari Dinos and Carnegie Collectibles 2014 T. rex at Everything Dinosaur

Exciting times at the Everything Dinosaur offices and warehouse, the first of the new 2014 prehistoric animal models have arrived.  We have the Carnegie Collectibles 2014 Tyrannosaurus rex model (Safari Ltd) and the first four of the new models from that company’s Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life range, namely Suchomimus, Monolophosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus and the giant shark Megalodon.

Wild Safari Dinos Models

New for 2014 and Just Arrived at Everything Dinosaur

In stock at Everything Dinosaur

In stock at Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

As well as the new model of the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, Safari Ltd have added three new dinosaurs to their Wild Safari Dins model range.  We have two carnivores, the Late Jurassic Monolophosaurus (single crested lizard) and the Cretaceous spinosaurid Suchomimus (crocodile mimic).  In addition, we have the rather beautiful and very well crafted “thick nosed lizard” – Pachyrhinosaurus.

The Wild Safari Dinos Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Model (Safari Ltd)

Horned dinosaur from Safari Ltd new for 2014.

Horned dinosaur from Safari Ltd new for 2014.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

Everything Dinosaur

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of prehistoric animal models (Safari Ltd):  Wild Safari Prehistoric World Figures.

One of the other new introductions into the Wild Safari Dinos range is the long awaited replica of the giant, prehistoric shark known as Carcharodon megalodon.  This fish, which some scientists estimate could have reached lengths of sixteen metres or more is commonly referred to as Megalodon and indeed, Safari Ltd have opted to call their model “Megalodon” although technically this is not scientifically valid.

The New for 2014 Megalodon Prehistoric Shark Model from Safari Ltd

Fearsome C. megalodon

Fearsome C. megalodon.  Note this animal is now known as Otodus megalodon.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

The exact phylogenetic relationship between this extinct shark and modern species remains hotly debated.  After all, scientists have only teeth and a few calcified vertebrae to study.  C. megalodon is nestled within the Lamniformes (mackerel sharks), distinguished by their highly nektonic habits and predatory life styles.  However, where within this Order this super predator sits is hotly debated.

One hypothesis suggests that “Megalodon” is closely related to the modern Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) it should be nestled in the Carcharodon genus – hence Carcharodon megalodon.  A second hypothesis states that this ancient fish should be named Carcharocles megalodon and nestled within the Carcharocles genus.

Studying Prehistoric Sharks

There is a lot of research and analysis currently being undertaken some of which relates to the evolution of these types of shark from the Eocene shark known as Otodus obliquus.  One recently proposed theory is that “Megalodon” is simply a part of a single shark species lineage that evolved during the Palaeocene and persisted up until the end of the Pliocene Epoch.

To read an article about tracing the origins and ancestry of “Megalodon”: Getting our Teeth into the Origins of the Great White Shark and “Megalodon”.

At Everything Dinosaur we tend to hedge our best by referring to C. megalodon, however, when asked to explain the reasons why Safari Ltd refer to their new shark model simply as “Megalodon” (Megalodon shark model), a spokes person for Everything Dinosaur stated:

“It is not a scientifically valid term [Megalodon].  As to why Safari Ltd do it, I guess it’s because everybody else does, “Megalodon” has become part of the common language used to describe these large, marine predators.”

Please note: following a taxonomic revision this prehistoric shark is now known as Otodus megalodon.