A Review of the Wild Safari Dinos Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Model

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Wild Safari Dinos Pachyrhinosaurus Gets Reviewed

Safari Ltd are keeping up their trend of introducing at least one new  model of a horned dinosaur every year with the introduction of this Pachyrhinosaurus replica into the highly rated Wild Safari Dinosaurs model range.   Last year for example, we had Diabloceratops and the year before that we had the beautiful Vagaceratops dinosaur model.

Wild Safari Dinos Pachyrhinosaurus

Pachyrhinosaurs have gained a lot of attention recently since they starred in the “Walking with Dinosaurs in 3-D” movie and it is great to see a high quality replica added to the Safari Ltd “Wild Safari Dinosaurs”.

Pachyrhinosaurus gets its name (thick-nosed lizard) from the thick ridge of bone found between the eyes on the dinosaur’s muzzle.  Palaeontologists are unsure whether this thick pad supported a horn lacking a bony core, perhaps the horn, if it ever existed, was  made out of keratin.  This type of horn would not fossilise easily and the only evidence of its presence would be the facial pad (known as the boss), preserved on the skull.

The design team at Safari Ltd have chosen to reflect the consensus of scientific opinion and have not fitted their dinosaur replica with a substantial nose horn.

The Wild Safari Dinosaurs Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Model
Horned dinosaur model.

Horned dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

Three Species Recognised

Currently, three species of Pachyrhinosaurus are recognised, we at Everything Dinosaur think that this Wild Safari Dinos replica is based on fossils of the first of the Pachyrhinosaurs to be described Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis.

The skin texture is quite remarkable and a lot of very fine detail is shown on this brown and sandy coloured dinosaur model.   Safari Ltd are to be congratulated for the fine job done on the painting.  The model accurately reflects the known pachyrhinosaur fossil evidence and larger, circular dermal scales have even been picked out on the flanks and at the top of the limbs.

The model measures approximately 17 cm long, based on an adult Pachyrhinosaurus measuring around 7 metres in length it is estimated that this Wild Safari Dinos model is in  around the 1:40 scale mark or thereabouts.  It even has the correct number of digits (manuals and pedals) on the limbs.

The ornamentation, consisting of a number of bony processes around the head and those famous epoccipitals, has been very carefully portrayed by the designers, this replica is a really good representation of Pachyrhinosaurus.  Let’s hope that although Pachyrhinosaurus was one of the last of the great North American horned dinosaurs to evolve, this model is around for a very long time.

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This is an exciting addition to the Wild Safari Dinosaurs model range made by Safari Ltd and it is always a pleasure to see a North American horned dinosaur interpreted as a prehistoric animal replica.  The detail and the quality of the painting of this Pachyrhinosaurus is bound to make it a popular model choice amongst collectors.