Year Two Pupils at Anfield Infant and Early Years School Get to Grips with Dinosaurs

Year Two pupils returning to school after the half-term holiday started a new topic today.  For the next few weeks the children will be learning all about dinosaurs, fossils and other prehistoric animals.  A team member from Everything Dinosaur was invited to visit the school to help launch the topic and to meet all the budding young palaeontologists.  Whizz Kids, High Flyers and Bright Sparks  were very enthusiastic and there were some  wonderful questions asked, such as how did dinosaurs get their name?  How big were the teeth of dinosaurs?  Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?

Study Dinosaurs

All the questions asked on the day were answered.  It was great to see how much prior knowledge many of the children had and we are looking forward to seeing examples of their creative writing and reading through the questions that they will prepare over the next couple of weeks and send in to us either by email or by letter.

High Flyers along with Miss Ross and Miss Colebourne created a giant picture of a meat-eating dinosaur, as it had three fingers on its hand, we did not think this was a Tyrannosaurus rex, with its three-fingered hand perhaps it could have been a Giganotosaurus!

Impressive Artwork Created by Year Two Pupils

A splendid meat-eating dinosaur.

A splendid meat-eating dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Teaching About Dinosaurs

Teaching about dinosaurs in school can be a very rewarding experience.  Dinosaurs as a term topic can help children to become passionate readers, develop vocabularies and can give them an outline of some simple scientific principles such as evaluating information and formulating ideas.  There is some wonderful artwork on display around the school to help inspire the pupils, including an amazing 3-D dinosaur scene featuring several beautifully painted prehistoric animals, even a flying reptile (Pteranodon).

Anfield Infants and Early Years School Dinosaur Artwork

Fantastic dinosaur artwork.

Fantastic dinosaur artwork. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

What super artwork!  We will have to post up some more pictures onto the Everything Dinosaur Facebook page so that our Facebook fans can see these pictures too.  It seems that when it comes to teaching about dinosaurs in school, here is one set of teachers with their support team who have made it a “roaring” success.

Everything Dinosaur stocks a wide range of informative and educational dinosaur themed games and toys including replicas of iconic prehistoric animals: Dinosaur Toys and Replicas of Iconic Prehistoric Animals.

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