Dinosaur Duvets and Curtains Turning Bedrooms into Dinosaur Land

Here’s something to get young dinosaur fans swishing their tails and roaring with excitement, Everything Dinosaur has added a dinosaur duvet and matching curtains set to their ever growing range of dinosaur bedroom accessories.  Just what mums and dads need to help turn bedrooms into a child’s very own dinosaur land of adventures.


Many children seem to love prehistoric animals and really enjoy learning about these reptiles that once roamed our planet before a sudden extinction event wiped them out along with about seventy percent of all land animals some sixty-five million years ago.  Whether it is the fearsome, formidable Tyrannosaurus rex or the immense Apatosaurus (formerly known as Brontosaurus), children seem to be fascinated with these amazing creatures.

Dinosaur Duvet Set from Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Duvet Set from Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Duvet Set from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Duvet

The dinosaur duvet set is sized to fit a single bed and comes complete with matching pillow case.  The high quality 50% cotton, 50% polyester material has a wonderful patchwork effect design that shows lots of dinosaurs.  There is even a set of dinosaur footprints in the pattern, they make it look like a dinosaur has just stomped across the bed.  This was a particular feature of the dinosaur duvet set that our young reviewers and testers loved.  Mums too were impressed, with the quality of the duvet and the fact that it comes with a matching pillow case.

This dinosaur bedding range has been approved by the dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur, it was noted that the duvet and pillow case also had some words clearly presented as part of the pattern.  One parent pointed out to us how helpful this was it “helped my son to remember his letters”.  As a company staffed by teachers as well as dinosaur fans this was music to our ears.

The single duvet set measures a generous 198 cm by 137 cm and as you can tell from the comments above it has been well received by our testers.

Matching Dinosaur Curtains

Matching dinosaur themed curtains for the dinosaur duvet set.

Matching dinosaur themed curtains for the dinosaur duvet set.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Palaeontologists Might Find this Tricky

Now for the curtains, to a team of palaeontologists, understanding the measurements and the importance of making sure the curtains were properly lined proved to be a bit tricky.  Thankfully, there was a geologist on hand to explain that these dinosaur curtains were fully lined and came supplied with their own matching tie backs.  The curtains measure 167 cm wide with a 183 cm drop (x 2 for the pair) and they are made from the same material as the dinosaur duvet.  All in all, this dinosaur duvet and matching dinosaur curtains set are a winning combination.

To view the range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed items available from Everything Dinosaur including clothing: Dinosaur Themed Clothing and Accessories.

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