Pachycephalosaurus, Daspletosaurus and the New Version of the Deluxe Ankylosaurus Available in 2013

CollectA have released images of the final set of new CollectA dinosaur models due to be introduced next year.  The pictures show the new version of the 1:40 scale Ankylosaurus which has received a makeover and the not-to-scale models of Pachycephalosaurus and the tyrannosaur Daspletosaurus.

Ready for 2013 – 1:40 Scale Ankylosaurus

Armoured dinosaur gets a paint job.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Deluxe Ankylosaurus

The face has been re-painted and there is now a distinctive white patch on the tail club.  The bony armour, osteoderms et al are highlighted as they have been painted black.  Perhaps one could represent a male whilst the other could be the female of the species.  If we take Aves as the basis for this concept then the more colourful one could represent the male of the species.

The Original Ankylosaurus Deluxe Model from CollectA

The original Ankylosaurus from CollectA.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Prehistoric Life Scale Models (CollectA Deluxe)

To view the extensive range of scale dinosaur models, including armoured dinosaur figures in 1/40th scale, take a look at the CollectA Deluxe/Supreme model range: CollectA Deluxe/Supreme Prehistoric Life Models.

Adding to the company’s range of tyrannosaurid models comes Daspletosaurus, a real bruiser of a North American tyrannosaur when compared to its contemporaries Albertosaurus and Gorgosaurus.  Such an interesting and unusual pose, a resting tyrannosaurid.

Daspletosaurus torosus – in a Relaxed Mood

Tyrannosaurus takes a break with the introduction of Daspletosaurus.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

New CollectA Dinosaur Models

The Pachycephalosaurus is portrayed as a lithe and agile animal.  Gone is the pot belly seen in other models of pachycephalosaurs.  As the feet of this animal were quite small, it has proved impossible to stabilise the figure, so it has been mounted on a base.  The base is designed to fit together with the hypsilophodon family set, a sort of coming together of Early and Late Cretaceous ornithopods.  The Pachycephalosaurus base also fits with the prehistoric flora models available from CollectA, the Monathesia and Cycads and of the Williamsonia model.

To view the CollectA not-to-scale model range available from Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animal Replicas.

Model Pachycephalosaurus – the Base for your Collection?

A lithe Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Although there are only going to be a few new models from CollectA next year the standard remains very high.