Artistic Pterosaur Fans Draw Pteranodon (Beautiful Drawings)

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A Pair of Flying Reptiles

At Everything Dinosaur we are always delighted to receive pictures of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  Here is an example of a colourful pair of flying reptiles, (Pteranodons), members of the Order Pterosauria drawn by pterosaur fans.  With their mustard yellow bodies, bright blue wings and red faces these animals from the Late Cretaceous are certainly very colourful.

A Pair of Patrolling Pterosaurs

Pterosaurs taking to the wing!  A drawing of a pair of flying reptiles.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Pterosaur Fans

We think this picture is one from the Travel Dinosaur Colour and Go sets that can be found at the Everything Dinosaur website: Visit Everything Dinosaur’s Website.

If dinosaur fans want to send in pictures to us at Everything Dinosaur, they are most welcome to do so, simply send them to the contact address that can be found on the Everything Dinosaur website, or drop team members an email.

Drawings and illustrations of prehistoric animals and extinct creatures are always welcome.