Helping out with a School – Answering Questions from Pupils

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Lots of Questions from Young Palaeontologists

Following a recent visit to Bestwood Village Hawthorne Primary school to work with the young dinosaur experts in the reception/foundation stage classes, Everything Dinosaur team members promised that if we could not answer all the questions posed on the day, we would respond to any that the teacher emailed over to us.

Answering Questions from Pupils

Sure enough, one of the Foundation stage teachers emailed over a list of questions that the children had compiled.  They all enjoyed their dinosaur workshop with Everything Dinosaur.  For a special treat Pam, the head dinner lady, the teachers and the teaching assistants organised a dinosaur backpackers picnic for the young palaeontologists on the afternoon of our visit.

The questions we were sent included:

  • Why do some dinosaurs have short arms?
  • How do they make their tails move?
  • What is our favourite dinosaur and why?
  • How many different types of dinosaur are there?
  • Which is the smallest dinosaur?
  • Which is the biggest dinosaur?
  • Did they go to sleep?

Everything Dinosaur

What fascinating questions.  True to our word, one of our dinosaur experts set about writing answers to all the questions received, fact sheets, and drawings were included to help explain our answers.   We even suggested extension activities that the teaching staff might want to consider so that the children themselves could explore the answers to the questions themselves – all aimed at learning and developing cognitive skills of course.

Bestwood Village Hawthorne Primary is a super school staffed by enthusiastic and capable staff all doing their bit to help encourage the next generation of scientists.

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