New Dinosaur Travel Colour Book Reviewed

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Clever Colouring Set for Young Dinosaur Fans on the Go

With the daunting prospect of having to visit relatives over the forthcoming holidays and the subsequent long journey with the family that this entails, getting the chance to review any product that might just keep little ones travelling with you entertained was an opportunity to good to miss.  The Colour and Go Dinosaur Travel Colouring Book is a thoughtfully designed colouring set that can be used to keep young dinosaur fans occupied when travelling.

The Colour and Go Colouring Set from Everything Dinosaur

A great little travel set featuring prehistoric animals to colour in.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Travel Colouring Book

The set consists of eighteen tear away prehistoric animal themed drawings all bound together in a pad which is spiral bound by a funky red spiral.  This pad fits into a study pocket book that can be flipped over so that the drawing materials can be accessed.  Fitting snugly along the side of the drawing pad are a set of ten washable marker pens, so in essence this is a self contained colouring set.  The marker pens have bright white lids so if one is dropped whilst in the car or on a train they can easily be found.  The pens themselves are of excellent quality and fit into a handy cardboard storage box which is glued to the carry case thus ensuring that the marker pens are always on hand when it is time to draw.

The pad measures a pocket-sized seventeen centimetres by fourteen centimetres and the actual illustrations are sixteen centimetres by twelve centimetres in size.

One of the Eighteen Illustrations Featured in the Set

Swishing his tail with excitement, waiting to be coloured in.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Drawings

The drawings feature a range of prehistoric animals.  There is of course a Tyrannosaurus rex but alongside the Triceratops, Stegosaurus and long-necked dinosaur, it was pleasing to see flying reptiles, Dimetrodon (not a dinosaur but a pelycosaur from the Late Permian geological period), and even a Parasaurolophus included.

The drawings have lots of detail for the young palaeontologists to colour in.  For example, there is a bright sun with a face in one picture, a volcano is shown in an illustration and a nest of dinosaur eggs in another.  The young artists who helped with the testing of this product by colouring in the drawings, all agreed that their favourite drawing was the one that featured a T. rex guarding his pile of bones.

Dinosaur Drawing Materials

If the illustrations are photocopied or scanned then they can be blown up to make larger drawing materials and us grown-ups can have for themselves a ready source of cute dinosaur images to help keep our charges amused during a rainy day.  Each drawing once completed can be carefully torn off the pad and pinned up as a mini poster.  It was best if the drawings stayed on the pad until they were safely at home, this is why there is a spiral binder for the drawing pad, as children can easily flip through the set to choose a drawing that they have not completed yet.

One of the Completed Illustrations

Great travel art set.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Colour and Go Dinosaur Travel Colouring Book, is light and easy for a child to carry around.  It fitted nicely into a rucksack pocket and the hidden magnet built into the side of the carry case flap ensured that everything stayed safe and secure.

What to do with the completed dinosaur drawings?  A number of ideas were explored.  Yes, the young palaeontologists can carefully tear out their drawings from the pad (each page is perforated to assist with this), then they can be put on display perhaps on the fridge or in the child’s bedroom.  However, another suggestion was to use these postcard-sized drawings as postcards, simply put a stamp on the front and write on the back – a great idea if this set is used to entertain children when going away on holidays.

They Make Great Party Invitations

Another suggestion was to use these drawings as clever party invitations.  Date, time, the place and so on can be printed on the back whilst the young invitee has a dinosaur illustration to colour in as well as a party to look forward to.  The illustrations are on quite thick card, so all these ideas are extremely practical.

An enterprising Mum of a keen dinosaur fan, took some of the drawings that her daughter had done and got them laminated.  She was then able to have a unique, bespoke drinks coaster for her daughter – very clever indeed.

It was great to see a drawing of a young explorer, equipped with a tent included in the set.  The children could imagine themselves visiting their own dinosaur land.  We loved the wooden sign that was deliberately left blank in one of the drawings, this gave the young artists the chance to create their own name for the dinosaur spotting expedition.

Designed for children from 3 years and upwards, this little, inexpensive colouring set kept our testers quiet for a long time, each drawing took in some cases more than an hour of concentrated colouring in to complete.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of dinosaur themed crafts and art sets: Prehistoric Animal and Dinosaur Toys and Gifts.

A big hit and an entertaining diversion on long journeys.