Beautiful Prehistoric Animal Themed Artwork from Young Palaeontologists

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A Pair of Pterosaurs Take to the Air

A colourful pair of Pteranodon’s soaring across the sky in this clever piece of prehistoric artwork from a young dinosaur (or should that be pterosaur) fan.

An Impression of Pterosaurs in Flight

Pteranodon takes to the air!  A colourful illustration of a pair of Late Cretaceous pterosaurs in flight.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Prehistoric Artwork

We like the way some extra vegetation has been added to the drawing.  The illustration itself comes from the Dinosaur Colour and Go Travel set that proved a big hit with our testers.  These large pterosaurs lived at the end of the Cretaceous, the species depicted here (Pteranodon longiceps) is best known from fossil material found in the United States.  The wingspans of some specimens are in excess of nine metres, making these creatures some of the largest flying creatures ever to exist.

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Nobody knows exactly what colour these flying reptiles were, although they did probably have colour vision.  We love the blue and purple wings and the flash of red in these reptile’s mouths.

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