Teaching Science in Schools – Some Helpful Advice

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Year 4 Meet up with Everything Dinosaur (Year 8 Helped)

An interesting assignment this morning for Everything Dinosaur, working with a number of gifted and talented pupils from feeder Primary schools at Painsley Catholic College (Staffordshire).  Rated by OFSTED as “outstanding”, Painsley Catholic College is one of approximately 360 schools in the country that have the designation of being a specialist science school.  The facilities at the College are excellent.  The well appointed science department is staffed by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of teaching staff, laboratory technicians and administrators.  It has seven well resourced laboratories, including three ICT rooms designed to fit the needs of key stage three and four pupils.  The College also has five teaching laboratories designed to meet the requirements of teaching students aged sixteen plus.

One of the Science Labs at Painsley Catholic College where Everything Dinosaur was Teaching

Well resourced teaching facilities.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Superb School Facilities

The aim of the science department at the College is to make learning about how things work interesting and exciting and to make all students enthusiastic about learning scientific ideas, encouraging the scientists of the future.  The College wants to develop all students’ scientific skills and in an ever developing scientific world, ensure that all our students can embrace new ideas and understanding of the world around them.

Everything Dinosaur

We at Everything Dinosaur share this philosophy and this morning we worked with Year four pupils (aged 8-9) who had come in to the College to learn a little about Earth sciences with one of our teacher/dinosaur experts.  Students from Painsley Catholic College, year eight (aged 12-13), had been invited to help with the assignments – studying a dinosaur trackway and exploring some ideas about Triceratops horridus and Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mrs Rolfe, one of the science teachers at the College, took plenty of photographs and we look forward to seeing some of these pictures showing the young scientists hard at work studying fossils and using observation, investigation and evaluation to study scientific principles.

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