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16 03, 2012

Papo Brown T. rex Standing Figure Now Available

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New Papo Re-painted T. rex (Brown Version)

The Brown coloured variant of the Papo standing T. rex figure is now available from Everything Dinosaur.  This re-painted figure will replace the green Tyrannosaurus rex model produced by Papo.  Papo had proposed doing what they term a “running change” – selling out of the green version before introducing the new brown model T. rex.  At Everything Dinosaur, our close working relationship with Papo has enabled us to be amongst the first in this part of the world to offer this re-painted model.

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The Papo “Brown” T. rex Dinosaur Model

Papo brown T. rex model.

Papo Standing T. rex Figure

The model has the same articulated jaws as the original green version that it will eventually replace.  A straw poll taken amongst Everything Dinosaur team members this evening suggests that this brown version looks more ferocious!  It is a very welcome, new addition to the excellent Papo “Les Dinosaures” model range.

16 03, 2012

A Review of the CollectA Dead Triceratops Model

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CollectA Provide Realistic Model of a Dead Triceratops

Triceratops may be one of the best known dinosaurs.  Certainly, it is true that no dinosaur enthusiast’s model collection can be said to be complete without one or two horned dinosaurs, but CollectA have broken the mould (no pun intended) with the introduction of a new CollectA Triceratops replica but one that represents a dead dinosaur, a corpse that is being scavenged by a meat-eater.

Model collectors can now have a dead Triceratops to use when creating their own prehistoric scenes, the model itself is very cleverly designed, on the reverse, the side that is placed downwards, there are no signs of injury to the beast.  However, on the other side, the side that faces upwards there are deep wounds and cuts present indications that this herbivore was attacked by a large predatory dinosaur, the implication being that it is a Tyrannosaurus rex.

The CollectA Dino Prey – Dead Triceratops

A dinner for a T. rex?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Triceratops Replica

The model measures eighteen centimetres long approximately and it is beautifully painted.  The neck shield is black with white patches and the body is mostly light brown, with a slightly lighter underside.  Running along the spine there is a darker band and over the rump the model makers have added a small crest of bristles.  Recent research has suggested that some of these ceratopsians (horned dinosaurs) had bristles running down their backs, a characteristic seen in more primitive, basal forms of this dinosaur clade – the psittacosaurs for example.

Now for the gory bits, the evidence of predation, the way in which the model gives the impression that this poor Triceratops has been attacked by a Tyrannosaurus rex.  Firstly on the right side of the neck frill there is a red coloured “U” shape.  The model makers have tried to give the impression that this is the bite mark of a tyrannosaur.  The fossil record provides evidence that T. rex did indeed attack the frill of Triceratops.  Whether or not these bite marks are the result of a predator attacking its prey, or whether they are evidence of feeding on a carcase is still debated by palaeontologists.  Our Triceratops corpse has more wounds along the jaw and the throat.  If this Triceratops had been attacked by a T. rex, then it could be speculated that the throat bites were the fatal bites.  Lovely detail on the model, even the pink tongue is lolling to the side of the mouth.

There is a large bite mark at the base of the tail, this could have been inflicted during the attack or it could be evidence of post-mortem feeding.  The body cavity has been partially opened with the ribs and part of the digestive tract visible.  In reality, many carnivores today, target the soft stomach area of their prey as this permits access to the highly nutritious organs such as the liver and provides the carnivore with an opportunity to open up the carcase permitting the consumption of as much meat as possible in a short time.

The Inspiration behind the new Triceratops Model

The inspiration behind the CollectA Dino Prey – Dead Triceratops?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

There are also deep wounds to be seen on the top of the thigh, perhaps where a T. rex raked its prey as it was down with its strong hind legs, each foot armed with three powerful, forward facing claws.

This is certainly a thoughtfully crafted replica, one that will allow dinosaur scenes to have a sense of extra realism.  Model makers can now pose a Tyrannosaurus rex model standing over its Triceratops kill.

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