Creative Dinosaur Birthday Cake for a Special Event

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Wonderful Dinosaur Birthday Cake for a Special Young Palaeontologist

At Everything Dinosaur we are in awe of Mrs Babar, who created a wonderful dinosaur birthday cake for a special, young dinosaur fan who was celebrating a fourth birthday.  We are constantly amazed at how clever and creative our customers are when it comes to making cakes, biscuits and other goodies.  Mrs Babar contacted us to ask advice about how to decorate her creation, our team members were happy to provide what advice they could, after all, everyone of us has had a go at making biscuits and cakes from the recipes that we have written and posted up on the Everything Dinosaur website.  Some of our efforts we thought were good, but Mrs Babar’s Mesozoic masterpiece really takes the biscuit.

Wonderful Dinosaur Themed Birthday Cake

Cretaceous and creative cakes.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Samina Babar

Creating a birthday cake can be a daunting task, but we would encourage people to have a go, we have even surprised ourselves with our kitchen capabilities and we have devised one or two recipes under the intriguing  titles of “Trilobite Treats” and “Dinosaur Nests” but we take our hard-hats off to Samina for this beautiful birthday cake.  Of course, there are always professionals like Samina on hand to help make your special event really memorable.

Mrs Babar, contacted Everything Dinosaur requesting some advice on the prehistoric animal models that we sell as cake toppers.  Our knowledgeable staff were able to provide information regarding the size of the models and to respond to her request for dinosaurs that would work well with her chosen colour scheme for the icing.

Of course, we had to cater for the demands of the 4-year-old as well, we had to choose dinosaur models that the young palaeontologist would recognise, we emailed Mrs Babar with the following:

As promised, myself and my colleagues have gone into the warehouse and found you five dinosaur models as you requested;

Dinosaurs Selected for You 

T. rex – sandy coloured

Stegosaurus – green with red/brown plates

Ankylosaurus – green and light blue

Spinosaurus – orange

Iguanodon – pink/purple”

Team members do try to help where they can and selecting dinosaurs for a birthday cake is all in a day’s work for our dinosaur experts and teachers.

Birthday Cake with Dinosaurs Around a Watering Hole

Dinosaurs around a watering hole.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Samina Babar

Samina used different coloured icing to create her own dinosaur themed scene.  The five prehistoric animals have gathered around a watering hole, the addition of the models and a few plastic trees makes a super dinosaur birthday cake design and if we overlook the mix of Jurassic/Cretaceous creatures for a moment and consider how animals behave today, it is very likely that dinosaurs did congregate around sources of water, especially in dry seasons.

Water would have attracted herbivores and with a large amount of prey in the area, the predatory dinosaurs would have followed.  Indeed, team members have observed lions attacking zebra as they congregate around a watering hole to get a drink.  Perhaps, tyrannosaurs also attacked horned dinosaurs as they gathered to quench their thirsts.

There is even a special term used by palaeontologists to describe the churned up sediments that are preserved in the geological record that indicate an area has been trampled by dinosaurs.  These areas occur most frequently in strata that suggest that water was nearby – the term used to describe the churning up of ground due to the activity of dinosaurs is “dinoturbation”.

Lovely, icing and a very thoughtful design, it is always a pleasure to see how Everything Dinosaur’s products are used by our customers.  We get a lot of information sent into us about how well our dinosaur party items were received by young dinosaur fans attending a dinosaur party.

Based in the UK, Samina creates breathtakingly beautiful cakes whether they are required for weddings, events or even birthday cakes for a dinosaur mad 4-year-old.  Once again we congratulate Mrs Babar on her creative use of dinosaur models.

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