A Review of the CollectA Utahceratops

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CollectA Utahceratops in Review

Horned dinosaur models are a bit like buses, you wait ages for one to come along and then several arrive altogether.  This is certainly the way with CollectA and the new CollectA Utahceratops model.  Hot on the heels of the Kosmoceratops model release comes this new replica of a ceratopsian.  It is apt that these two dinosaurs should be reviewed in close proximity as both these dinosaurs were found in the same rock strata – Kaiparowits Formation in Utah (United States) and they co-existed all those years ago in the Late Cretaceous.

CollectA Utahceratops Model

Utahceratops, (yet another dinosaur named after the state of Utah), that’s at least two that we can recall, the other being Utahraptor, was bigger than Kosmoceratops.  Scientists estimate that this horned dinosaur was around seven metres long when fully grown and it would have weighed as much as an Indian elephant.  This dinosaur is known from at least six individual specimens, including two partial skulls which when combined provide palaeontologists with an almost complete skull to study.  Like its contemporary, Kosmoceratops, this dinosaur was named and described in 2010.

The CollectA Utahceratops Dinosaur Model (Collecta Dinosaurs)

CollectA Utahceratops dinosaur figure.

Utahceratops Model Measurements

The model measures a fraction over twelve centimetres in length and the first impression is of the use of muted colours in the painting of the replica.  It is noted that the actual model has a different finish than the original pre-release publicity photographs of the replica.  In the earlier photographs the pattern on the extensive neck frill of Utahceratops was highlighted and brighter colours were used for the paintwork.  The model has a more muted tone, and this makes it look more realistic.

The unusual facial horns are well depicted.  The two larger horns, placed over the eyes point out sideways as revealed by the fossil evidence.  A crest just below each horn and directly above the eye has been painted a contrasting red colour by the designers.  The rest of the model is painted a light, sandy brown colour with a darker pigment used to mark out patterns on the large neck frill.  Along the limbs and across the flanks the model makers have added one or two lighter stripes, a subtle use of colour on the replica dinosaur figure.

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As with all CollectA figures the detail is exceptional and we loved the finishing touch of the slight kink to the very end of the dinosaur’s tail, as if it was about to swish it.  It is interesting to note that with the plethora of horned dinosaurs being added to the CollectA range, war gamers and other role game players have been keen to get hold of these replicas to add to their fantasy model collections.  It seems that these beautiful, many horned dinosaurs are proving popular additions to the models used by fantasy war game hobbyists.

It is always a pleasure to see a new horned dinosaur figure and this Utahceratops keeps up the high standards set by CollectA.