A Review of the Papo Running T. rex Model

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Papo Running Tyrannosaurus rex

Part of the 2012 product releases from Papo, the running T. rex model has certainly got collectors and dinosaur fans very excited. Papo, the French based figure and replica manufacturers are keen to increase the number of models in their “Les Dinosaures” range and we, at Everything Dinosaur are delighted to be able to provide a video review of their latest release.

Running T. rex Model

Here is the Everything Dinosaur video review of the recently introduced Papo running Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model – part of the “Les Dinosaures” range of prehistoric animal figures and models.

Everything Dinosaur’s Review of the Papo Running T. rex Model

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Papo Running T. rex dinosaur model (new for 2012).

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

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