First of the New CollectA 2012 Models

Late last night there was a special delivery at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse, the first of the new CollectA prehistoric animal models arrived.  Team members busied themselves unpacking all the boxes and by the end of the night Utahceratops, Kosmoceratops, Neanderthal figures, Hypsilophodon family group and even a dead Triceratops had been added to Everything Dinosaurs product range.

The Neanderthal Figures from CollectA

New Neanderthal Models from CollectA (CollectA Age of Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Life models).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The New Dead Triceratops Model (CollectA Dinosaurs)

A meal for a T. rex.

The Dino Prey – Dead Triceratops is the first carcase of a dinosaur made specifically for this type of market.  It adds extra realism to model sets and like the rest of this new model range it is very well made and painted.  The carcase is supposed to have been the remains of a T. rex kill, or did T. rex merely scavenge the corpse of a dead ceratopsian that it has sniffed out with its powerful sense of smell?

Amongst the new additions now available from Everything Dinosaur is the Miragaia Stegosaurus model as well as the Dolichorhnychops marine reptile model, even a fearsome Mapusaurus (Mapusaurus roseae).

To view the models available from Everything Dinosaur in the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Life model series: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models.

The New Additions to the Everything Dinosaur Range

New CollectA Models now in stock.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur