New Papo T. rex Model Reviewed

Hot on the heels of other Papo replica releases in the company’s “Les Dinosaures” range comes the eagerly anticipated Papo running T. rex model.  This is the fifth model T. rex that Papo, the figure manufacturer based in France have produced and in our opinion; the best.  Like the standing T. rex models, this replica has an articulated lower jaw.  This permits this dinosaur model to be posed either mouth open or closed.  It is remarkable how many models are made showing the prehistoric creature with its mouth open.  Theropod models such as Allosaurus, abelisaurids and of course the Tyrannosaurus are particularly susceptible to this trait.  However, having studied carnivores in Africa such as lions and cheetahs, readers can be assured that these animals when running hardly ever run with their mouths agape.  Still the head of the running T. rex model is well made and, like the rest of the model; very well painted.  The head does superficially resemble the skulls of previous Papo replicas of Tyrannosaurus rex but the dentition (teeth) is very different.  The teeth in the new model are much more irregular than in earlier sculpts.  Some individual teeth, particularly those posed along the premaxilla are very large – giving this T. rex replica a considerable over-bite.

A Close Up View of the New Papo Running T. rex

Inspired by “Sue”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Running T. rex Model

The model measures approximately 33 cm long, this gives a representative scale of around 1:42 scale, although the company designers would propose a scale of more like 1:40.  The model stands 13 cm high at the head and the forelimbs bow out slightly in what we term a “pinching posture”, reflecting current thinking about the width of the furcula (wishbone) and its placement in alignment with the shoulder girdle.

The running gait is obtained by providing this replica with robust legs, the toes of which are splayed out – a natural running pose if this animal was charging across soft ground perhaps, but more we think to do with helping to spread this model’s weight and permit it to stand upright.  The thick tail helps to counterbalance the animal but the real secret behind this stance can be found when the undersides of the feet are carefully examined.  The pads of the feet and the toe joints have been thickened and flattened out by the model makers.  This lets more of the foot underside remain in contact with the ground, thus aiding the replicas stability.

Inspiring Images

One of the inspiring images behind this representation of T. rex is the huge, mounted skeleton of the robust Tyrannosaurus rex, known as “Sue” to be seen in the Chicago Field Museum (Chicago, USA).  This forty-two foot long skeleton is mounted as if this fierce predator is running – the new T. rex from Papo reflects this stance too.

Well-painted, well-crafted another asset to the Papo figure and model range and we are sure this is going to be a favourite amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors for many years to come.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Papo models and dinosaur figures: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models (Les Dinosaures).

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