Baby Woolly Mammoth Soft Toy

With the Chicago Field Museum’s “Mammoth and Mastodons – Titans of the Ice Age” Tour likely to hit European shores in 2013, we thought we would get prepared by sorting out some more prehistoric mammal soft toys.  The latest edition, nick-named “Lyuba” by Everything Dinosaur staff after the baby Woolly Mammoth found preserved in the frozen wastes of Siberia a couple of years ago, is a very cute, plush Mammuthus primigenius.

Baby Woolly Mammoth

Although the tusks are somewhat impressive for what we think is a baby, and the trunk is perhaps a little long (baby elephants have disproportionately small trunks compared to adults), we think this is one of the “softest” soft toys in our current range.  Best of all it is sponge washable, so it is OK for your own little ones.

Very Cute and Cuddly Baby Woolly Mammoth Soft Toy

Ice Age soft toy baby Woolly Mammoth.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Sales of this adorable prehistoric mammal  helps raise funds to support children’s education in Indonesia.  We are working with one of the largest child development agencies in the world, helping to break the cycle of poverty in some of the poorest areas of Africa, Asia and the Americas.  With Mammoths and Mastodon fossils being found in all these areas it seemed only right and proper to find a Woolly Mammoth soft toy that could help provide funds for charities working in those parts of the world.

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A cute and very cuddly addition to our prehistoric mammal soft toy family.