Dinosaur Extinction (Part 2) – Mass Extinction a Unique Interpretation

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Dinosaur Mass Extinction Event with Wind Up Dinosaur Toys

It seems that after the catastrophic  ex-terrestrial impact event some sixty-six million years ago, planet Earth was subjected to severe seismic shocks.  These powerful quakes in conjunction with the other devastating effects of an object some ten kilometres wide and travelling in excess of 30,000 metres per second slamming into the Yucatan peninsula, were causal factors in the mass extinction event that took place marking the end of the Mesozoic.

Mass Extinction

Whilst playing with our new wind up dinosaurs, and with no expense spared we thought we would have a go at creating our own interpretation of an earthquake event that helped bring about the demise of the Dinosauria et al.

Dinosaur Mass Extinction Event

Everything Dinosaur’s view of a mass extinction event!

 Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

To read more about the Chicxulub impact (theory by Luis and Walter Alvarez): Evidence of Late Cretaceous Impact Event.

Naturally, we cannot ignore data from the Deccan Traps (India) and other causal factors, but we thought the dinosaur wind ups were so cute that we should make another video featuring these dino playmates.

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