Marvellous Miragaia Model Scoops Important International Award

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Carnegie Dinosaur Collectible Miragaia Model – Best Prehistoric Animal Model Toy 2011

The model of the Portuguese stegosaur known as Miragaia (M. longicollum) made by Safari Ltd has been award the accolade of the “Best Prehistoric Animal Toy in 2011” by readers of “Prehistoric Times”.  The Miragaia dinosaur model has won a top award.  The model that came out last year, was one of just two Safari Ltd additions to the popular Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles replica range. Congratulations to the makers of Carnegie Collectibles dinosaur models.

Miragaia Dinosaur Model

Fossils of this type of stegosaur were found in Upper Jurassic strata of the Lourinhã Formation of western Portugal, a part of the world, where a number of new Jurassic genera have recently been discovered including a number of dinosaurs.  Most of the front portion of this dinosaur was found, including elements of the snout, the first stegosaur skull material to have been discovered in the whole of Europe.

The Carnegie Collectibles Miragaia Dinosaur Model

Top prehistoric animal model of 2011!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This beautifully designed and very colourful model is a worthy winner of the “Prehistoric Times” magazine award.  This replica was given hot competition by the second Safari Ltd Carnegie Collectibles introduction – a model of the fierce abelisaurid – Carnotaurus (C. sastrei).

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We can expect a tough competition this year with a number of manufacturers adding to their ranges, but for the time being lets allow Miragaia (the long-neck from Miragaia) to bask in the limelight.